James Dondero Passive Stake in Pendrell Is a Great Inspiration to Investors

Success in the business world is not easy to achieve. Many times, success of a company depends on the capabilities and experience of its top management team. Equity and credit markets present many challenges to new and established corporations and only an able professional can save these companies from drowning. Entrepreneurs in search for new pastures fear to major in the credit and equity markets. These investment markets are feared despite offering investors chance to invest in corporate or client debt or an opportunity to invest in the equity of a firm. James Dondero is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs in the credit and equity markets.

James Dondero has acquired an 11 percent stake in Pendrell Corporation, a fully integrated property (IP) investment, asset management and advisory services firm. With his skills and exposure in the finance sector, this deal is destined to be a great investment for him and his firm, the Highland Capital. He has been deemed has the beneficial owner of the millions of shares of Common Stock held by Funds and the Trust. He has the power to vote and dispose his acquired shares an investment step that many investors cannot take.

Dondero’s success in running Highlands Capital Management, a hedge fund that focuses on high-yield and distressed investment gives him an upper-hand above other investors. His company has been in operation for more than 20 years and it has been able to offer products such as Collateralized Loans Obligations (CLO). He is also responsible for development of this market whilst handling mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds, private equity funds and other financial merchandise.

James is the co-founder and President of Highlands Capital Management (HCM) and has matchless experience in the credit and equity markets. He is a BS degree holder from the University of Virginia. He also serves a board member and CEO of several companies in the healthcare industry. Dondero is also an active philanthropist with initiatives in education, veteran’s affairs and public policies.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSFWN1AQ110

Reviewing Ken Goodgame’s Contribution to the Corporate World

Ken Goodgame’s rise in the corporate world has been outstanding and incomparable. His contribution to the field of marketing in particular, has been immense. Ken’s prowess in operations management has also won him many admirers within and beyond the industry. His specialty has been the formation of marketing strategies that have the ability to stand up to turbulent market forces. The strategies that he helps create, have similarly become notable due to their ability to respond to the needs of businesses in a timely manner.

The influence that Kenneth Goodgame has managed to amass during his career proves how successful he has been. His role in the formation of pragmatic business marketing models, has been the silver lining of his career. This, combined with his eye for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial mind, gives him the ability to foretell market outcomes. Goodgame also offers advice on marketing strategies that can be implemented by firms so that they can sell their products to a diverse market.

Mr. Goodgame’s standout attribute is his work ethic, and the ability to network and create partnerships that are pivotal to business growth. His other areas of focus are employee enlistment, corporate repositioning, quality assurance, and the management of performance indicator systems. He recognizes the role that these factors play in business. It is for this reason that Ken comes up with workable marketing approaches, which incorporate these key factors.

A Synopsis of Mr. Goodgame

Ken holds a marketing degree from the University of Tennessee. He embarked on his career at Home Depot, where he started off as a Product Manager. His diligence and discipline caught the attention of his bosses, who elevated him to become the firm’s senior global product merchant. While working at Home Depot, his marketing talent was discovered.

Mr. Goodgame was also successful in his subsequent appointments at Rubbermaid Cleaning, Bernzomatic, Baja Motorsports and Ace Hardware Corporation. He is credited with spearheading Rubbermaid Cleaning’s turnaround by negotiating a multimillion dollar contract with retail chain, Walmart.

Eric Pulier: Continual Entrepreneur, Succedent Humanitarian

Learning of some individual’s accomplishments can be fairly astounding. Eric Pulier, for example, has been operating businesses since the fourth grade. From programming computers for his friends, family, and teachers to establishing a database computer company in high school, the serial entrepreneur has been incredibly busy in a way that has been slowly but surely improving the country. Upon graduating from Harvard University in 1991, the intelligently affluent man wasted no time in getting to work.

From Boston to Los Angeles, Pulier was eager to get his feet wet within the technology industry. In 1994, he developed People Doing Things (PTD), which was a company intent on unveiling the problems with certain American industries, including health care and education. This small taste of success was all Pulier needed, and he later went on to open fifteen other companies that all specialized in improving areas in need with the use of technology.

As technology continues to advance each day, Eric Pulier surely grows busier in his business affairs. While the stress of such a reality would eat away at most other entrepreneurs, Pulier uses it as an opportunity to further give back to the community. In addition to being a sequential entrepreneur, the technologist is also a serial philanthropist who regularly donates to charities and educates others on how to improve their businesses, lives, and industry in general. His empathetic qualities allow him to listen to the ideas of others and bring them to life without tarnishing them in the least.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier


DIVERSANT Revolutionizing the IT Staffing Industry

DIVERSANT LLC is America’s largest African-American owned firm dealing with IT staffing and solutions. The company is fully certified and offers an extensive assortment of scalable IT staffing and diversity products. These include IT direct hire, staff augmentation, as well as innovative diversity solutions.

DIVERSANT LLC is headquartered in New Jersey and has offices in other areas such as Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, not forgetting Texas. The company has dramatically grown, even withstanding the economic downturn. It has built an excellent reputation, especially for various Fortune 500 companies.

The company utilizes a consultative approach that entails engaging the clients as business partners. Unlike many other companies that only act as commodity suppliers, DIVERSANT LLC helps its customers in solving critical issues. The company bases its products and services on “Best-In-Class” methodologies that are aimed at meeting the clients’ needs, not forgetting the communities they serve.

DIVERSANT LLC is guided by certain principles that have been tested over time and brought success in the company’s quest to deliver the highest level of service to its clients. The quality service has resulted in bringing satisfaction to the company’s customers and partners. The company observes utmost integrity as part and parcel of its core values.

Diversity is the key secret to DIVERSANT LLC’s success. Having realized the power of diversity in the IT industry, the company strives to promote this culture in the American workplace. Diversity has numerous advantages including building strong ties within communities, as well as connecting companies to various markets.

A great deal of the company’s success is owed to its dedicated staff as well as the able leadership. Gene Waddy, the Chief Executive Officer, and John Goullet, the Principal have played a significant role in steering the company to where it is.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur in the IT sector. He has led the development of several highly successful ventures. The Ursinus College graduate began his career working as an IT consultant and switched to IT staffing in 1994. He founded Info Technologies and grew it to $30 M within five years. John’s Info Technologies merged with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC, where he is the Chairman and Principal Executive.

Crystal Hunt’s 13 Years of Growing Success

Crystal Hunt is a successful actress and producer, with several roles under her belt. With a career that began at the age of eighteen, she has spent the last twelve years taking on parts for both television shows and movies. Above all, her most prominent roles have been that of daytime soap operas.

Her first acting experience came with the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the soap opera hit “Guiding Light” in 2003. Over the next three years with “Guiding Light”, Crystal would take home two separate acting award nominations. She received both a “Daytime Emmy Award” nomination and a “Soap Opera Digest “award nomination in 2005.

Before leaving “Guiding Light” in 2006, Crystal Hunt progressed with her career and moved to movies. She played the role of Jill Overton in the movie “The Derby Stallion” with Zac Efron in 2005. In 2007, she landed a supporting actress role on the set of “Sydney White”, starring Amanda Bynes. But this didn’t mean that her soap opera time was over.

In 2009, Crystal joined the cast of “One Life to Live” as Stacy Morasco. Crystal was the first actress to play this role. After a three-year run, Crystal took time off before returning to film, and to expand her career even further.

Crystal Hunt’s acting career continued with two major motion pictures. Aside from “23 Blast” in 2014, and “Magic Mike XXL” in 2015, she also took a role in the American scripted reality show “Queens of Drama”, a show that challenged soap opera stars to form a production company for a new drama pilot.

In 2015, Crystal also moved to the Executive Producer role, taking part in the production of the film, “Talbot County”, which has yet to be released.

Maintaining Your Online Presence With Search Cleanup

Many businesses have worked hard to maintain a positive reputation between the general public and the clients serviced. As technology advances some business owners are finding that the internet is just one tool where a variety of people can attack and discredit a brand. Authors of searchcleanup.com have released an article addressing the tough situation of negative feedback and attention given to an undeserving owner. The writer constructed a complete list of helpful instructions for businesses facing these common issues.
The authors of searchcleanup.com can remove negative reviews and believe that many make the poor choice to fire back at the attackers. The article warns the business owners of the negative outcome for those who choose to take that path. The best thing to do is stay positive. When businesses disregard the negativity it allows the character and commitment to your business prevail. Often times we see emotions take over during attacks on business. As a brand or businessmen you should keep a cooler head during tines of negative attacks. The positivity of yourself will shine through your business. Stay alert but do not shift your focus on your attackers.
In business loyal customers are one of the most important aspects to your longevity. The article advises business owners to assure the loyal customers that business won’t change at all. Tough times in business can bond a loyal customer to your brand for life.
One final portion of the article is considerably the most important of all. Searchcleanup.com will help clean up your search results and keep troublesome things affecting our business quiet. We ahould never be afraid to reach out and seek help if needed.
Businesses should be built to last. Many business owners face attacks at some point in their career. Remember to keep your brand in mind before you take any action. The overall goal is success.

Woman in Charge: Helane Morrison

With the job market becoming more equal opportunity in the past 20 years, these days there are a lot of extremely successful women out there. As a strong independent woman myself, I Look up to Helane Morrison immensely, and too aim to be a business leader of a company one day. I urge any woman who wants become more successful, both professionally and financially to read up on Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison is a Brooklyn, New York native and graduate of Northwestern University. There she attained her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She also managed to graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she landed a the job of editor-and-chief of the California Law Review. She earned her Juris Doctor in 1984, and accepted to the State Bar of California in 1987.

In 1986, after serving as a law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Morrison was hired on at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin law firm. Five years later she was named a partner of the firm. By 1996, she had left the company For a job at SEC, (San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) as head of regional enforcement activities.

During her time at SEC, her work included: enforcement of securities, litigation matters, and regulatory compliance in Northern California and five Northwest states.

After 8 years as head of regional enforcement activities at SEC, in 2007 Morrison moved on to be the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the largest advisory firms in San Francisco, where she currently serves as a member of the company’s Executive Committee.

Morrison believes people lost faith in banks due to the economic crash in 2008. Since then, Morrison has gone out of her way to make sure all the investments they make at Hall are legit and reasonable for the public.

After reading this article I hope you understand why Helane Morrison has had such a huge impact on me in my life. She truly is an amazing woman. Looking out for the “little man” to the best of her ability. You can learn more about my hero, Helane Morrison: Click Here