OSI Leads the Way in Food Processing

OSI Group is a historic fixture in the industry of food processing. The company began as a small meat market in Illinois over 100 years ago. The founder was a German immigrant who had a vision of taking his idea to an unforeseen level. The company thrived over the decades as Otto Kolschowsky created a foundation that he would eventually pass on to his sons. Otto built a reputation for providing a quality product. They specialized in meat while servicing various types of food and beverage businesses.

Otto Kolschowski expanded his business into the wholesale meat trade in 1917. The company would become known as Otto & Sons in 1928. Business took a major turn when Otto & Sons met Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc had recently become CEO of McDonald’s. McDonald’s was experiencing enormous growth. Ray Kroc was looking for partners to help with its expansion. Their efficient business practices and innovative methods strengthened the relationship between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons over the years. The meat company was at the forefront of cryogenic food processing. This allowed Otto & Sons to hold a large stock of supplies for its clients without sacrificing the freshness of the product. Otto & Sons would eventually enter into agreement with the restaurant giant.

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Otto & Sons brought several unique ideas to the meat supply industry. They were able to develop techniques that catered to specific clients and their needs. The patty forming machine was a groundbreaking introduction. It saved McDonald’s a significant amount of time and money. Otto & Sons also introduced cryogenic freezing tunnels. This allowed them to maintain a large supply of product for substantial periods of time. Eventually they would branch out to provide services for other businesses besides McDonald’s. The company focused on small local restaurants as well as supermarkets.

Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI in 1975. By this time they were the exclusive supplier of meat to McDonald’s. OSI would blossom into and international business as McDonald’s continued to grow geographically.

OSI currently has plants in Chicago, Geneva and West Chicago Illinois. There are also locations in Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Riverside California. Their operation has expanded worldwide. There are 17 facilities operating in several different countries including Europe and Asia.

They reported an annual revenue of over three billion dollars in 2011. It’s plants in the U.S. go by the name OSI Industries LLC.

It focuses on what it does best. Supplying meat around the world in an efficient manner at the highest quality is what established OSI Group. The company continues to be the number one supplier to fast food restaurants around the world. Popular chains in China such as Subway, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut rely on OSI to deliver the quality product they always have.

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FreedomPop Enhancing Connectivity with Free Wireless Internet

One of the most effective ways to reducing monthly utility bills is by shifting service providers and packages. If you use wireless internet at your home, compare prices for various providers and choose a package where you pay the least amount while still enjoying value. Using wireless internet from FreedomPop can help you save on hundreds of dollars. Here is a FreedomPop review.


FreedomPop is a Los Angeles based phone and wireless internet company. Founded in the year 2011, by Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols, the company aims at providing cheap and even free mobile phone services.


FreedomPop Cell Phone Plans

Free Mobile Phone Service

FredomPop allows gives you free cell phone services for a whole year. With this plan, you get 200 talk time minutes, unlimited messages and 500MB data. The data can only be used on specific 4G devices. Also, it should be noted that the messaging services eats into your data. Therefore, this plan is only suitable for light users.  To avoid incurring costs, go to their website and set the auto-charge to No. this way, no extra fees will be billed on your account once you exhaust your data.


Paid Mobile Phone Packages

The packages range from $5 to $20. The $5 option allows you to call, text and use data on Wi-Fi. The $10 package is charged after you have remained a 100MB data of your free bundle. It also allows you the option to $0.02 per every additional MB. Lastly, is the $20 package. This plan allows you every mobile service, unlimited. However, if your data usage, for the month, exceeds 1GB, your internet speed drops to 3G.


FreedomPop Internet Plans

There are three data options available with FreedomPop.



This a free data plan where subscribers are given 500MB data. When this data is exhausted, one is required to pay $0.02 per every extra MB.



After the free trial, lasting for one month, is over, one can pay $3.99 to continue enjoying FreedomPop internet. Here, you get 500MB. Once exhausted, you are required to pay $0.02 on extra data used.



Instead of going pro after the one-month trial, you can opt to go premium. Here, you only pay $19.99 to get 2GB data. As with the other packages, once the 2GB is exhausted, you pay $0.02 on any additional data.

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