Getting Wine From UK Vintners Is Easier Than Ever

The UK has a fabulous wine-producing area. There are upwards of 500 vineyards in both England and Wales. The (EWP) English Wine Producers is responsible for representing, promoting, and marketing English Wines and Vineyards. They represent about 3/4’s of the wine industry and their purpose is to promote UK wines to a mainstream and wide audience. They provide information about UK vineyards and wines to the wine consumer. Also in the last week of May, they help coordinate a fabulous event called English Wine Week.

The list of UK Vintners is extensive and there are a number of companies that offer online purchasing to their customers. Some offer free delivery within 7 days, direct to your door. Some UK Vintners also have wine clubs. They usually charge a small fee and with this membership, you will get wine and then they offer their club members a regular wine supply at a discounted rate. The best part is that the wine is delivered directly to you. No need to go shopping for the wine of your choice.

Ordering UK Wines is easier than ever! It’s as simple as clicking on a link, choosing your favorite wine, making payment via credit or debit card, then a great wine is delivered right to your door. No muss, no fuss. It’s really as easy as that. Another beautiful part of online ordering is that you can order mixed cases of different wines so that you can try a new wine that you haven’t had a chance to taste.

Wine clubs from UK Vintners is a fabulous way to explore many new wines. The key is to find a club that has flexibility in how often you must order wine and one that allows you to change your wine options within a case. Some even offer no registration fee and can offer old-world and new-world styles of wine. If you are a wine connoisseur it is recommended that you find a wine club that fits your needs and budget. This requires simply looking up UK wine club plans online and reading over their guidelines. If you are in the UK many UK merchants offer wine tastings.

For the discerning wine connoisseur, purchasing UK wines is easier than ever. All your wines can be ordered from the comfort of your home and delivery is fast and right to you. With so many great UK Vintners it’s a great time to explore UK Wine!

What makes Cotemar a Leading Service Provider in the Construction and Transport Industries?



COTEMAR is a company that specializes in oil and gas industry, offshore construction and maintenance, marine support services, specialized ship transport, and hospitality services.


COTEMAR also provides accommodation and catering services like cleaning of water vessels, laundry, and housing to the cabin crew. At the company’s lodging facility, cabins enjoy recreational services like cinema and TV rooms, gym, and basketball courts.


Furthermore, COTEMAR operates Ciudad del Carmen, a hotel where the crew can lodge. The company’s offshore catering facilities can hold up to 4,000 people. The firm’s catering management is known for ensuring that clients receive quality services.


The company’s offshore maintenance services are delivered using multiple vessels monitored by sophisticated computer systems.


The company also provides various transportation and maritime services using specialized vessels. Services provided by the company include;

  • Transport of machines used in upstream.
  • Transport of petroleum products from oil plants.
  • Firefighting systems used in managing oil spill fires.
  • Transport of bulk material like sand.
  • Transportation of personnel and food.


To the bigger construction companies, COTEMAR offers offshore construction and engineering services using their dynamic semi-submersible rig that can move within various complexes. Their clients also benefit from the firm’s massive weight cranes used in the construction of decks and stores.


To preserve and maintain sustainability, COTEMAR works within the guidelines of professional values such as observing good business ethics, focusing on employee development, focusing on environmental sustainability and improving its community’s living standards.

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Julie Zuckerberg – Star Recruiter with Stellar Expertise

Julie Zuckerberg is a name that shines in the world of talent acquisition and management. Zuckerberg is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, a position that she has had since 2014.


Over the years, Zuckerberg has had the opportunity to work with some of the best mentors in the industry. She believes that each one of these mentors added to her knowledge and skill set which she now applies to the recruitment industry. She is extremely proficient in the field of talent management and acquisition. Over the years, Zuckerberg has aided companies with her large pool of experience and knowledge in various divisions including human resources, conflict resolution and potential employee training.


She also imparts her knowledge of the field through training and coaching her employees and potential candidates. Owing to her ever-increasing commitment towards gaining more experience to learn, she is currently keen on finding ways in which technology can be used as a tool to help boost the efficiency of the industry.


While in her current position with Deutsche Bank, she has been awarded numerous opportunities to collaborate with business leaders within the private wealth and commercial sectors. Along with this, she has also been instrumental in developing strategies for talent acquisition and improved the processes of recruitment for various clients in Asset Management and Global Technology and Operations.


Her endeavor at Deutsche Bank has also led her to become one of the lead negotiators and developers at the Managing Directorial Level. Along with these noteworthy accomplishments, she also counsels the leadership and executive committees and leads her own team of recruiters.


During her time at Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg has partnered with numerous Hiring Managers and business partners to manage and give direction to full-cycle recruitment for top level hires across various sectors ranging from legal, audit, and finance to global technology and regional Management.


Julie Zuckerberg has invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of talent acquisition with a career spanning over fifteen years. Her previous work experience includes a position as a Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance Company. She led and managed the recruiting process of the company, along with working alongside the management to understand and recognize customer needs.


Before this, she served as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter at Citi for a total period of six years. At the company, she was tasked with negotiating senior level complex job offers and recruiting global talent.


The years before Citi were spent working at Hudson, where Zuckerberg held a position as Director of Candidate Placement. She was put in charge of hiring legal staff such as paralegals, case managers, support staff and attorneys for numerous corporations, legal firms, and financial institutions.


Zuckerberg attended college at the City University of New York seeking a major in philosophy, however changed course and instead pursued Law at New York Law School before entering the field of recruiting.


Besides her passion for work, Zuckerberg is an enthusiast of the vibrant culture of New York and loves partaking in the various cultural events that New York has to offer.


Family Place organization Initiatives against Family Violence

The Family Place is one of the organizations doing great work in assisting and rehabilitating a significant number of victims of family violence in Dallas. The organization relies on donations from well-wishers as well as grants from companies.

Highland Capital Management is one of the companies that have supported the projects of the Family Place. The enterprise donated $1Million to the family place. The money was to help the organization continue helping more and more people with family issues. Besides, this donation will go towards the $2.8million that family place intends to raise in six months.

The Family Place had organized a luncheon to celebrate their 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards.

Family Place also has the dream of building a central counseling center since the current center is full. The organization is appealing to donors to contribute towards the project that would enable Family Place to help over 2000 victims every year. Learn more about James Dandero: and

The project is estimated to cost around $16.5miliion. So far, the organization has raised $200, 000 and has received $100, 000 from Highland Capital Foundation. Family Place is carrying out a legacy campaign to ensure that they raise this amount before April 2017.

Dallas mayor and police chief have been enchanted by the work done by the family place. They say that the organization has contributed to a significant decline in family related violence. Highland Capital Management also commends the organization and promises to continue supporting them and other agencies helping the society.

If you feel that you want to do an act of philanthropy, then you can donate towards the Family Place legacy campaign to help them reach out to more domestic violence victims.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-president of the Highland Capital Management. He lives in Dallas Texas. James Dandero is an expert in the equity markets and a pioneer in the development of Collateral Loan Obligations (CDOs).

According to Cruchbase, James Dandero has over 30-year experience in this field.

Dandero is also the Chairman of the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. Besides.

Ignition Financial Aims To Give Automobile Refinancing Options To Anyone In Any Situation

Refinancing an automobile means that a new loan is taken out on the automobile to pay off the original loan. The automobile is then used as collateral to secure the loan. The new loan that is taken out is typically from a new lender and comes with terms that are different from the original loan. Those who seek to refinance an automobile are usually looking to get better terms.



Refinancing can offer a variety of terms which differ from the original loan and are dependent on the loan itself and the goals and circumstances of the individual seeking the loan. Some scenarios of refinancing can include:



– Longer loan terms: If the loan’s length is lengthened, it will give the individual a greater amount of time to pay back their amount and monthly payments may be smaller than before.



– Shorter loan terms: If an individual is seeking a shortened loan length, it will most likely increase monthly payments but will reduce what they pay in interest as a result, shortening what they pay as a complete total.



– Reduced monthly payments: Refinancing an automobile could lower the individual’s monthly payment if they can seek a loan with lower interest rates or a lengthened loan term, or sometimes even both.



– Lower interest rates: Individuals may be able to get a lower interest rate on a refinanced loan than the original loan they took out on the automobile. If an individual can get a lower interest rate, they would most likely end up paying less in interest in the end.



Refinancing an automobile may involve transaction fees that are not probably involved in the original loan. These fees can sometimes be paid up front or could be rolled into the loan amount to be paid monthly, which will form the APR (annual percentage rate) of the refinanced loan.



Individuals seeking to refinance their automobile loan should first use an auto refinance calculator which can be used to estimate what the new financed loan could mean for them. Individuals can enter things like their loan balance, monthly payments and APR of the current loan, and then compare it to options for the refinanced loans.



After using a calculator to estimate the options, individuals should start seeking out lenders for their refinanced loan. When looking for an automobile refinancing loan, Ignition Financial should be on the top of the lender’s list.



When looking for a lender who can asked to slash my payments, Ignition Financial has the experts to help anyone in any type of situation.  They know consumers can be in a tight situation in which cutting their monthly bills is paramount. Ignition Financial has access to many lenders that offer flexible loan terms and competitive interest rates. They can also help individuals adjust their terms and down payment to fit the budget they need.





Ignition Financial is a leading refinance company in automobiles and it’s based in Texas. They offer a loan based on payment history. To achieve it, it uses a division known as It’s comprised of an experienced workforce that ensures customers get the required loan based on the value of their car.


Taylor Carsten is the president and CEO of the firm. He is an expert in the bank industry having worked with Toyota for ten years and also Federal People‘s credit union as the vice president. Taylor acclaims the experience achieved made him discover the void in the industry. He saw the previous loans were not customer centered and hence the need for a mechanism to ensure that people can save their hard earned money through the slash my payments plan while at the same time servicing the loan. Mr. Taylor achieved a degree of Bachelor of Science in finance in Houston-Down University.


The firm refinances the loan by a simple method of paying off the old loan and replacing it with a new one.


Advantages of the system


– Lower interest rate


It ensures that the customers get a lower interest on the loan. To achieve this, they consider that maybe when the client applied for the little, the interest was high maybe due to the uncertainties in the sector. While he is still servicing the loan, the interest rate may fall and hence the need for the customer to also revise his interest rate. Thus by refinancing the loan she gets to pay the interest rate much lower than he could have done and hence save money.


– Get more money out


Refinancing also ensures that one gets more money. That is if maybe the loan you got given was undervalued due to some reasons then you get addition to cash from the Ignition Financial.


– Credit score improved


In the process of payment, your credit score will improve then you’ll be guaranteed to get more cash. It is important as one will effectively have his needs for the loan met.


Slash my payment plan also protects you by providing an affordable coverage option in case the vehicle requires expensive repair while paying the loan. Moreover, in the event of accident or car theft, the insurance company doesn’t pay you any other damage that may be caused by road hazards.




Davos REG announces the launch of its mobile application

Companies are increasingly embracing technology in their quest to improve themselves. Communication through the web has improved service delivery by milestones. Firms are even developing mobile applications in order to increasingly interact with their clients. Davos Real Estate Group is one such company. According to Gerard Gonzales, the company’s Executive Director, the mobile application has been one of his top priorities this year. Speaking at the launch of the application on June 22, Gerard stressed how important it would turn out to be. The application, called Davos Cap calculator, will definitely revolutionize Davos REG’s service delivery. The newly released app targets the company’s clients in real estate.

Davos REG is an independent company that is part of the Davos Financial Group, founded by David Osio in 1993. Since its inception, the group has taken the financial sector in Venezuela and Latin America by storm. Apart from the Davos REG, the group consists of many other independent companies, all that work towards fulfilling the group’s objective.

The Executive director emphasizes the importance of this application to the company and to its clients. He states that the implementation of the mobile application goes in line with the company’s goals. For the clients, the app will help calculate an estimated amount of rent that they should charge for their property for them to generate their desired income. An extra feature that has been added to the application is the Mortgage Calculator. It allows the clients to keep track with their bank dues, enabling them to project the funds and interest rates.

David Osio counts this as one of the biggest achievements in the company. He states that it will go a long way in helping the company’s clients when investing in property. Apart from the launch of the mobile application, other arrangements to improve services are also in place.



About David Osio


1981 saw David Osio begin his stellar career, managing the coffee export program in the position of CEO. He later went on to occupy an executive position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he served to structure the marketing programs for its products in the US. It is after that he decided to go into banking law. In 1984, he joined the Caracas Law firm MGO where he dealt with corporate clients. These are the event that led to Osio starting his own company, the Davos Financial group. He founded it in 1993, with his experience and extensive knowledge that he had gathered steering him.



Don Ressler Achieves Incredible Business Success with JustFab

If you have never heard of Intelligent Beauty or Don Ressler, the chances are that you have heard of JustFab. JustFab is an online fashion subscription company on Pando that was started in 2010. The company has grown immeasurably to become a highly successful fashion retailer. In the first two years of operation, the company was able to amass six million people that subscribed to the company’s service. The result was that Intelligent Beauty earned a strong foothold in the online beauty and fashion markets.

Don Ressler has played a huge role in bringing innovation to fashion. After taking data from JustFab, he realized that most of the company’s customers were parents. He saw an opportunity to sell products that would appeal to their kids. He quickly launched a branch of JustFab known as FabKids. After a successful start of the venture, he later introduced another company known as Fabletics. Both of these new branches on TechStyle did very well under the leadership of Ressler and his team. Fabletics has moved forth to add another line of menswear known as FL2.

The two companies have grown to generate over five million dollars in revenue. Intelligent Beauty started as a brand that focused on skincare products. It later branched to JustFab which concentrated on the line of fashion. JustFab is a highly popular fashion company that works on a subscription business model at

Many women that work never have enough time to shop and order items. JustFab decided to introduce a subscription service on LinkedInthat allowed women’s clothing to be shipped every month. Members of JustFab are always expecting something new from Ressler and his team. The firm ensures that women get something they may not have had the time to purchase. The subscription service means a lot to women. That is why Don Ressler he is pushing a lot for the expansion of the business.

Don Ressler is a force to reckon in the fashion world since he controls two leading fashion brands. He is there to ensure the growth of JustFab. Also, he wants Fabletics to open more stores. His love for business and fashion makes him the perfect person to run his business. He continues to lead the company in the direction it is supposed to go. He understands every strategy and path to business success.