Family Place organization Initiatives against Family Violence

The Family Place is one of the organizations doing great work in assisting and rehabilitating a significant number of victims of family violence in Dallas. The organization relies on donations from well-wishers as well as grants from companies.

Highland Capital Management is one of the companies that have supported the projects of the Family Place. The enterprise donated $1Million to the family place. The money was to help the organization continue helping more and more people with family issues. Besides, this donation will go towards the $2.8million that family place intends to raise in six months.

The Family Place had organized a luncheon to celebrate their 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards.

Family Place also has the dream of building a central counseling center since the current center is full. The organization is appealing to donors to contribute towards the project that would enable Family Place to help over 2000 victims every year. Learn more about James Dandero: and

The project is estimated to cost around $16.5miliion. So far, the organization has raised $200, 000 and has received $100, 000 from Highland Capital Foundation. Family Place is carrying out a legacy campaign to ensure that they raise this amount before April 2017.

Dallas mayor and police chief have been enchanted by the work done by the family place. They say that the organization has contributed to a significant decline in family related violence. Highland Capital Management also commends the organization and promises to continue supporting them and other agencies helping the society.

If you feel that you want to do an act of philanthropy, then you can donate towards the Family Place legacy campaign to help them reach out to more domestic violence victims.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-president of the Highland Capital Management. He lives in Dallas Texas. James Dandero is an expert in the equity markets and a pioneer in the development of Collateral Loan Obligations (CDOs).

According to Cruchbase, James Dandero has over 30-year experience in this field.

Dandero is also the Chairman of the Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. Besides.

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