What makes Cotemar a Leading Service Provider in the Construction and Transport Industries?



COTEMAR is a company that specializes in oil and gas industry, offshore construction and maintenance, marine support services, specialized ship transport, and hospitality services.


COTEMAR also provides accommodation and catering services like cleaning of water vessels, laundry, and housing to the cabin crew. At the company’s lodging facility, cabins enjoy recreational services like cinema and TV rooms, gym, and basketball courts.


Furthermore, COTEMAR operates Ciudad del Carmen, a hotel where the crew can lodge. The company’s offshore catering facilities can hold up to 4,000 people. The firm’s catering management is known for ensuring that clients receive quality services.


The company’s offshore maintenance services are delivered using multiple vessels monitored by sophisticated computer systems.


The company also provides various transportation and maritime services using specialized vessels. Services provided by the company include;

  • Transport of machines used in upstream.
  • Transport of petroleum products from oil plants.
  • Firefighting systems used in managing oil spill fires.
  • Transport of bulk material like sand.
  • Transportation of personnel and food.


To the bigger construction companies, COTEMAR offers offshore construction and engineering services using their dynamic semi-submersible rig that can move within various complexes. Their clients also benefit from the firm’s massive weight cranes used in the construction of decks and stores.


To preserve and maintain sustainability, COTEMAR works within the guidelines of professional values such as observing good business ethics, focusing on employee development, focusing on environmental sustainability and improving its community’s living standards.

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