Julie Zuckerberg Brings New Talent to the Bank

Deutsche Bank hired Julie Zuckerberg because the company knew that she was a professional and that she could make a huge difference for their business. They also knew that using her as a recruiter for their bank would be sure to make the bank better and provide them with the edge that they were looking for in the professionals that they had. The executive recruiter is great at what she does and knows that everything is going to work well for her despite the fact that she worked with many different companies before even joining Deutsche Bank. She sees each of them as an opportunity to grow herself and her career.


Before she worked for the Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg worked for the New York Life Insurance Company. This was a bold career move that she made and she only did so because she wanted to see what it was like at companies other than banking companies. She learned that it was not something that she was fond of and that the insurance world was much different from banking. It was also something that made it more difficult for Zuckerberg to focus on the talent that she had because she was restricted with who she could hire.


Julie was used to being able to use her own strategies and techniques to find the perfect people for the job. She worked at Citi for a few years before she made the move to the New York Life Insurance Company. Her position at Citi was one of the first times that she was truly able to get more out of the business that she was a part of. The company gave her the freedom that she needed to use her own techniques so that she could find the perfect recruits for all of the different positions at Citi.


The job at Citi was not her first one. The first job that she worked in New York City, right out of college, was Hudson. There, she learned more about executive recruiting and what it was like to be a part of the working world. While she had interned with them while she was still in school, Julie found that she could learn so much more from the opportunities that the company had for her as a business professional. It helped her to realize that there was so much more to the banking world and being an executive recruiter.


Julie Zuckerberg also knows that life is not all about working and trying to maintain a career. She does a lot outside of work and has many different hobbies that are diverse. From running to art and even photography, Julie Zuckerberg knows how to use her down time in the best way possible. She is always looking for something new and fun to do and tries to have a lot of adventures. Julie not only works hard but she also does what she can to play hard when she isn’t working for the Deutsche Bank.


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