Norman Pattiz is a renowned figurehead in the broadcasting industry

Norman Pattiz recently gave an announcement that the advertising tests that had been conducted on various products and services were successful. The results showed that Podcast had positively influenced recall advertising of brands and had greatly influenced the buying intentions of these products and services. A huge percentage, sixty percent, of people who listen to Podcast can be able to refer to specific brands after their Ads have run. The responsiveness of specific products such as garden products, cars and their parts and financial related services also showed an improvement. In 2016, the Edison Research used various methods to determine the efficiency and impact Podcast advertising for some brands that were well recognized.



The campaigns varied from new launches by reputable companies to creating awareness for upcoming companies. The campaigns were run before and after the ads were launched. The analysis was then conducted to verify the effectiveness of the Ads that were run on Podcast. The effects were clearly seen from the receptiveness of a brand by the Podcast listeners. They could relate with the brands and be even willing to consider purchasing them. The results brought out a measurement aspect that made Podcast advertising count and show an impact in the marketing of products and services.



Norman Pattiz is the owner of PodcastOne which is an advertising platform. It is supported by the Podcast network. Courtside Entertainment Group and Westwood are also Norman’s companies. He holds different positions at the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories, Pacific Council and California University. Norman Pattiz has over 4 years of experience in the radio industry. He has used his experience to diversify and grow the Broadcast industry through the innovative provision of entertainment, news, and sports among others using the platforms he creates. NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, NBC radio networks, CNN radio and NFL Football are among the areas he has managed during his career.


The PodCastOne Company was formed to fill the gap that existed in the market when programming of audio came into play. It became so good at what it did and this is how it became a leader in the production and distribution of on-demand programming that is audio based. Norman has served two terms on the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. He spearheaded the launch of Arabic and Farsi language broadcastings that served a couple of countries. He has received various awards such as the Giants of Broadcasting award that he received soon after he joined the National Radio Hall of Fame. Learn more:


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