The Good And Bad Of Smart Home Technology According To Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar knows a lot about the real estate market given he’s been a mortgage broker for over 25 years. He says the big trend in the industry nowadays is installing smart home technology. He says there’s good and bad about this technology, information that he enjoys sharing with others.

One of the good things is that smart home technology can make homes more accessible for those with special needs or really anybody. Included among these types of technologies are being able to control your lighting with a simple to use smartphone app. Another benefit is that these types of technology can reduce the chances of dangerous accidents happening, especially for those people facing physical limitations. It also gives these people independence to carry out their own activities which gives people a sense of dignity. You can check out LinkedIn for more.

There are still limits to smart home technology, though, Todd Lubar says. Chief among them is voice recognition software. This still has a lot of difficulty understanding people who have speech impediments as well as those who speak with a foreign accent. The technology is getting better but it’s got a way to go on this front. He says that the designers of tech like the Amazon Echo need to be more aware that not everyone has clear speech. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who established his own mortgage firm, TDL Global Ventures. He has years of experience leading a team of real estate professionals as well as closing mortgages. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and his first job in the mortgage business came at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar says that he advanced his career and became an entrepreneur by working hard and working smart.

He also has experience in other industries, ones he tried his hand at when the real estate market and the global economy collapsed in 2007-2008. He started up a scrap metal recycling company, for example, as well as a nightclub. Outside of his work he enjoys traveling, exercising, and spending as much time as he can with his two young children.

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Lacey and Larkin — Court Rulings adn Protection Hearings

DREAMers have obtained some first-rate information! The courts have officially placed a halt to Trump’s cutting out of DACA. In a federal court docket choice slated on January 10, 2018, a San Francisco judge, William Alsup, ordered the administration to maintain assistance for this system. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The federal courtroom ruling comes after creation of evidence that the Trump administration’s choice to cease the program came from bias based completely upon illegitimate proof and false criminal premises.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund spoke out in opposition to the horrible selection to terminate DACA and publicly admonished Donald Trump for his movements. The Frontera Fund represents a future full of empathy, integration, and possibility.

According to the federal court ruling to halt Trump’s phase out of DACA, the federal authorities must continue this system. They’re not required to admit new applicants since there’s no longer a DREAM Act. All states across the usa are required to stick to the policies set forth and no states are allowed to go renegade and introduce legislature which would contradict DACA or negate immigrants’ safety.

The USCIS will remain open to acquire renewals; immigrants who have not renewed their DACA protection after October 5, 2017 will now be eligible to renew. All members within the DACA application are encouraged to renew their reputation to obtain complete protection from deportation and a renewal in their legal rights to employment. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The choice does not appear to be a permanent repair for the hassle due to Trump, however it’s a superb temporary answer. The ruling can also indeed be appealed with the aid of the White house and a reversal may happen in a higher court.

The whole manner of litigation may take years, then a final selection will be reached. This gives comfort for current DACA recipients. If all goes well, the modern-day selection should guard them for years yet to come.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are proponents for the ruling set forth within the courts. As residents of Arizona, they frequently combat for immigrant rights. They may be allied with an array of charitable corporations that represent undocumented employees and students.

They’ve clashed with county sheriffs and deputes for gross infringement of human rights in Arizona. Because of the ruling via the courts this week, the judicial system has confirmed they’re willing to stand with Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in fighting racism and bigotry.

Bob Reina Takes Video Conferences to New Level with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a communication company that offers video email and other new technology for getting in touch, recently introduced a new and improved version of the computer program Live Meetings. This program allows individuals and organizations to communicate in real-time from around the world. The newest version contains an updated look and uses the WebRTC system. WebRTC is a collection of communication protocols and interfaces that allow individuals real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections.

The capabilities of Live Meetings include allowing people to send one-way videos as well as hold video conferences of up to 15 hosts and 500 participants. Conference attendees can participate via table, smartphone, or PC. The newest version allows recordings through a web browser rather than through an individual application download. This makes Live Meetings more convenient, more compatible, and more time-efficient because it removes the requirement to install plug-in software.

Talk Fusion is an innovator in the video communications market and continuously outperforms their competitors by using modern technology and using unique promotional methods to attract new users.

Bob Reina, founder of Talk Fusion, announced the release of the new technology through an online broadcast, saying there is no technology that compares to WebRTC. Reina hopes to add WebRTC to every Talk Fusion application.

WebRTC enhances communication of both professionals and average computer users by allowing voice communication using web browsers.

The newest version of Live Meeting offers sharper video images and clearer audio while keeping both presenters and viewers secure. Live Meetings provides hosts with “waiting rooms” to test their systems and make adjustments before viewers are watching, which creates a smooth appearance without echoes or distortion in sound.

Talk Fusion is the only firm that has had a WebRTC-based conference with 500 attendees. This demonstrates Talk Fusion’s desire for innovation and improvement.

Talk Fusion offers other video suites that use WebRTC technology, such as Video Chat. Video Chat has received numerous honors and awards for this innovative technology.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina has been described by his colleagues as a down-to-earth leader. After graduation from the University of South Florida, he went on to the police academy, where he finished at the top of his class. During his time serving as a police officer, he was in need of extra income and began working part-time in direct selling. He stuck with it, despite being mocked by friends and family, and soon became a top salesman.

Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after being told by AOL that video email wasn’t possible. He eventually achieved this goal, and set two new goals for himself and his organization: to create new technology to change the way people connect, and use that product for a direct sales business. Learn more:

Tony Petrello: A Philanthropic CEO

Many companies and philanthropist pledge a commitment to their community but when the time comes they are nowhere to be found. However, when Nabors Industries and their CEO Tony Petrello are put to that test their community knows that they will come through. This confidence in their company is born of a hard-won track record of being an advocate for their community and employees. Nabors Industries Charitable Foundation has personally dispersed over $3 million for educational scholarships. These benefits were not only received by employees but also their children. The company believes in supporting the goals and growth of their employees as well as their family and communities.

More recently Nabors Industries found it’s self in a position to help those in need and quickly jumped on it. When hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas in 2017 many people faced the devastation and struggled to survive. Homes and businesses were destroyed leaving millions without access to not only housing but even to their next meals. Taking a page from their company’s playbook Nabors Industries employees took time off from work to volunteer their time to those who needed it most. The company employs about 1,200 people and of those about 10% struggled with the Impact that Harvey had left.


Feeling the personal toll of Harvey Nabors Industries quickly moved to support their employee’s efforts to help. Any employee that took time off to volunteer instead was given paid time off to do so. But there was still more that needed to be done so the cafeteria at Nabors industries was quickly turned into a community kitchen offering hot meals to families multiple times a day. Further, the employees banned together and raised over $170,000 to fund relief efforts. The company’s CEO Tony Petrello was inspired by this compassionate fundraising and matched the donation amount himself.

This charitable donation was not a surprise to anyone who knows him. Petrello has personally contributed a small fortune to various causes that he believes in. Besides encouraging the company that he manages to support education he personally supports it. When a previous professor and mentor, Serge Lang passed away Petrello moved to create n academic award in his honor. Although the award was founded with a donation of $150,000 from Petrello it grew quickly as other alumni donated in memory of their professor. Petrello has also found himself personally affected by neurological conditions in his family. This event has fueled his interest in treating neurological issues and funding research to treat them. Petrello sought out Texas Children’s Hospital and donated $7 Million to fund their research efforts.