Rocketship Education Has Proven Its Worth

Rocketship education could very well be the answer for America’s difficult educational system. In a world where a thriving tax base in a community means that good schools will prevail, also means just the opposite in locations where the tax base has dried up. It is very difficult to grow and maintain a successful school district with no money.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school system that locates in economically challenged areas. Many students in these areas are suffering from a severe educational gap because of the poor conditions of their school facilities, and this is a gap from which most of them will never recover.

Rocketship Education is the new, innovative, exciting and successful education model that students and parents alike love for its honesty and its ability to bring good results. For example, the average Rocketship student is ready to graduate a full year before comparable students in public schools are ready. Students who move on to middle school from Rocketship elementary are far better equipped academically based on their test scores. These students are more self-confident, and have better social and academic skill sets, according to independent studies.

A huge factor is an involvement that the parents are allowed to take part in because the student gets tremendous momentum when his parents take a genuine interest in what is happening in the educational process. Parents can be as active as they wish, but just the fact that the student is aware of the involvement is very important.

Partnerships are also made with the community and the teachers, so there is communication between all committed parties. Parents do have the right to speak up to the community, and the Rocketship school. The end result is a very satisfactory education for the children.

Students have a rigorous curriculum of math, science, reading, social studies and other lifestyle courses in art, music, dancing, cooking, gardening and similar subjects. Their routine is quite different, however than the typical classroom setting that most of us are used to. While they do have general sessions for the dissemination of general topics, there is much breaking up in smaller groups, time spent with digital divices for memory work and exercises, and individual tutoring.

The Winning Solution For Custom Foods: OSI Group

Custom foods are great tasting, they’re unique-looking, and they’re highly efficient. You can find custom foods in a number of different locations. This includes supermarkets, restaurants, large grocery stores and schools. In most cases, one custom food producer can produce a multitude of foods from one blueprint. Yes, this is correct. The same food product that is sold at multiple locations can have a multitude of different tastes. The only differences in this scenario is the product’s labeling, and its ingredients list. That’s the beauty of custom-food solutions. The United States is the actual home to one of the leading custom-food providers in the world, and it’s known as great industry OSI Group.

OSI Group has over 10 decades of experience. Back in the day, its name was Otto & Sons. This name comes from the guy was actually put the business into fruition. This was a family-owned type of business, but it had big market standards from the start. McDonald’s was actually one of its first prominent clients. Yes, the fresh beef produced repeat customers and after the cryogenics revolution of the 1960s, McDonald’s continued to work exclusively with the company. To this very day, the company has remained one of four high-volume producers that serves the famous hamburger brand. On the other hand, there are many more prominent brands that receive food products from OSI. This includes:

  • Yum
  • Subway
  • Starbucks
  • Pizza Hut
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Burger King
  • And many others

Otto Kolschowki’s essence is still running through the company’s veins. OSI Group has some of the best safety standards in the industry. This is unsurpassed food safety at its finest. Bad food equals bad business and this company protects your brand by implementing stringent policies, process control measures, ingredient standard monitoring, annual (QA) audits and other safety features. If you have a passion for the foodservice industry, then you should seek employment with OSI Group. The company is always searching for ambitious and motivated people to fill the unmanned positions. In conclusion, OSI Group is definitely the winning solution for custom foods, and it has a resume of success to backup all claims.

National Union of Dock Laborors

Jim Larkin, widely considered the most important player in Ireland’s right to unionize movement, was born in the slums of London in 1876. While he had little education and lived a poverty-stricken childhood, he managed to become an become a full-time union organizer by 1907.

Larkin joined the National Union of Dock Laborors shortly after he became a dock foreman. It was during this time he began to speak out about working conditions and low worker’s pay.

Larkin undertook his first unionizing effort in 1907 when he helped workers in Belfast, Ireland by calling for a strike in June. Although this was a massive success, Larkin’s rift with NUDL general secretary James Sexton resulted in his expulsion from the NUDL.

In 1908, Larkin successfully organized workers in other areas of Ireland. After a court convicted him of embezzlement — an unjust verdict, according to most — he was sentenced to a year in prison. He was pardoned after 3 months. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

Larkin went on to form the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union in 1908. His newspaper, The Irish Worker’s and People’s Advocate, established in 1911, featured columns about unfair worker treatment and businesses that treated their employees poorly. The paper was forced to shut down in 1915.

The Dublin Lockout is considered one of the most severe disputes in Irish history. Over 40,000 workers and 300 businesses were affected. The issue surrounded the workers’ rights to form unions.

During the escalation, striking workers faced very dire circumstances such as starvation and living in squalor. The slums, already overrun with disease and lack of proper sanitation only became worse.

During Bloody Sunday, there were numerous clashes with police, which resulted in injuries and deaths. William Martin Murphy was a businessman who staunchly opposed the unions. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Although he was thought to be a fair employer who paid good wages, working conditions at his establishments were poor and unsafe. Murphy refused to relent to workers or Larkin, and after a trade union response was agreed upon, he fired hundreds of workers.

After eight months, the lockout ended. While it was viewed as unsuccessful, with thousands of workers returning to work only after signing an anti-union pledge statement, it is also considered a watershed moment in Irish history.

The Success of Fabletics Using a Reverse Showroom

In today’s e-commerce market, there is a shift in consumer perspective to focus on things like customer service and social consciousness, rather than the mentality that the more you pay for an item, the better it must be. Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson’s athletic wear company, have disrupted the ‘activewear’ market with creative and personal marketing. The company has created an army of members that are loyal to the brand. Each month over one million women receive monthly outfits from Fabletics – all delivered right to their doors.

The company was founded under parent company TechStyle Group. TechStyle is a veteran in e-commerce sites that deal with women’s clothing, home goods and accessories. When Fabletics was founded, TechStyle knew that Kate Hudson was the perfect choice – if not the only choice – to co-found the athletic wear company.

Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics thrives on utilizing the reverse showrooming technique. This technique is becoming more popular now after the success of Fabletics. However, when the company launched it was a disruptive business style. Businesses that rely on physical locations are getting crushed in an age when most everything can be found cheaper online. The overhead cost of a physical location is staggering, leading to higher prices for items sold inside. Because Fabletics utilizes reverse showrooming, they are able to offer a higher quality of items at a lower cost than competitors that rely on brick-and-mortar locations. Fabletics is able to offer quality equal to competitors at around half the cost. This also allows the company to offer a higher level of customer service due to lower overhead. This creates not only more purchases, but a team of loyal fans that will serve as a referral source (free marketing).


Kate Hudson’s Role with Fabletics

When Kate Hudson first began working with Fabletics, she did it as so much more than a spokeswoman. She worked in nearly every area of the development of the company. From social media strategy to selecting product inventory, she is one of the founders, and leaders of the business. Kate Hudson has said several times that it is against her philosophy to be the fact of a company she doesn’t personally believe in and support. As you can tell in her many social media posts, Kate wears Fabletics clothing on a near-daily basis.


To take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, simply visit the website. After answering a few short questions you will see you personal Fabletics showroom.

Exploring Sentient AI

Every day we hear more and more about Sentient AI its impact on the real world, not just movies. So what exactly does it mean? Sentient AI or Artificial Intelligence is the process committed to creating software that can show empathy and think for itself. Sentient AI exists in today’s digital marketing world in a few different forms and is changing the way we as consumers do business. One such method is Natural Language Processing or NLP. This technology is important to a computer’s ability to learn. One example of this is your smart phone’s predictive text when using the keyboard to type. The software on your phone is able to learn from its specific user and understand the bigger picture of what one might be trying to say. This particular process would enable a brand to better comprehend what it’s customer wants or needs. Another tool used in the process of Sentient AI and digital marketing is something called segmentation. Businesses have long used what it calls target audiences, and that is normally categorized by age or gender. However today, with the process of segmentation, those audiences are much more specific and complicated. They can combine several criteria thereby offering completely customizable marketing solutions to businesses. An extremely common example of Sentient AI recommendations. Algorithms understand and learn user behaviors, likes and dislikes; making recommendations based on the information gathered. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and even Netflix utilize this to drive pushing specific products and content to consumers. A lot of companies also make use of Sentient AI in relation to messaging systems. Predicted conversation software that is often found on many websites uses AI to answer questions assist with orders and product information. The software acts in a manner that resembles a conversation with the consumer, who often times may not realize they are having a conversation with software and not a person. It is truly remarkable software. Learn more about Sentient at