The Enhanced Athlete Evolution

It is no secret that Enhance Athlete is a company that helps serious bodybuilders achieve their goal to build stronger muscles. Enhance Athlete was founded by Dr. Tony Huge in 2014. The company was born from the need to enhance the natural muscle people are already born with. Dr. Tony Huge has a passion to live a free lifestyle and a need to help other people throughout the world to live an evolutionary lifestyle free of negative results. Enhance Athlete is a muscle enhancement company that offer natural muscle enhancement products  for the bodybuilder in you. One of the newer products offered by the company is called Rage. It is clinically dossed to give the best results for building muscles.

Enhance Athlete is focused on making your bodybuilding journey a success. Tony Huge has a program to help the beginning and intermediate bodybuilder enhance the natural muscle in your body become stronger bigger muscle. The program provides everything you need to grow muscle. Once you decide to make a change to an evolutionary lifestyle you will get a personal call from an experienced trainer to coach and help with your diet, personal workouts, and products  to take for 90 days. All you need to do is show up and put in the work.

If you have been thinking about becoming a bodybuilder and winning a bodybuilding tournament, deciding to do it is the first step to your evolutionary self. Enhance Athlete can help you do this with the muscle enhancement products  offered such as muscle builders, Fat Burners, and Performance Enhancers. Enhance athletes has cutting-edge scientific shortcuts to building muscle, burning fat, increasing performance, products , and training.

Tony Huge did not just focus on bodybuilders and tournaments when creating Enhanced Athletes. He thought of everyone that needed to be healthy and look the part. If you are a mom of three or overweight male maybe someone that simply needs to tone muscle. That is what Enhance Athlete does enhance what you already have naturally to help you live an evolutionary lifestyle. All it takes is making a commitment to your own happiness.

Although Enhanced Athlete has only been going for 4 years it has created a good name in the health and wellness industry. The products  provided by Enhanced Athlete has proven to work by hundreds of bodybuilders and people who want to be in better shape. The company is truly on its way to becoming one of the top muscle building  producers known in the world and the coaches are the best at what they do to help people who need to free themselves from being unhappy with how they look. Dr. Tony Huge became who he is today because he needed to be in the best shape of his life and he has more than achieved it. Now he wants to see everyone in the world be free and become their evolutionary selves and achieve happiness within. Check out all of Enhanced Athletes videos on its YouTube channel.

OSI Food Solutions – Meeting the Demand of the Market

In recent news, OSI Food Solutions Spain invests 17 million euros into its processed chicken production operation in order to increase production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of processed chicken per year. This increase of production was a direct response to the increasing demand for their chicken products within Spain and Portugal.

This 17 million euro investment constructs a high-capacity production line to its production operation in Toledo, Spain. Since the addition of this new production line, OSI Spain has accomplished a production capacity of more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products. This development has not only increased production, but has created 20 new jobs.

OSI Spain’s new production line drew interest from the regional government. And because of such interest, the government granted OSI Spain 1.5 million euros from its European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. In addition, the local Chamber of Commerce awards OSI Food Solutions Spain for its commitment to employment.

The chicken product demand from OSI Food Solutions Spain had increased by 6% over the last ten years and 8% over the last 3 years. With this rate of improvement it was only an intelligent decision to meet the demand and expand operation. Managing director of OSI Spain, Jose Maria del Rio, is absolutely excited about this advancement and with the previous growth rate in consideration, is anticipating an even further growth rate in the near future and wants to be completely ready for increased market demands when they come. The new production line will allow OSI to increase its product line and to support the ever so growing demands of its customers.

The building in which this new production line operates, includes, but not limited to: brand new shipping and receiving areas, a waste container storage, oil service areas, hot water tanks, a production hall, supply storage, a kitchen and an employee social area.

Security and safety precautions were taken into consideration as well. A new surveillance system was employed as well as a new highly advanced fire fighting system.

Energy sustainable factors were included also in order to reduce the building’s electricity consumption. The inclusion of such system, has reduced energy consumption by 20 percent. Waste heat recovery from a refrigeration unit and a cogeneration system are two responsible systems for the reduced energy consumption.

This new investments has been a sheer success for OSI Food Solutions Spain, thus far, increasing their meat production by sustainable measures to meet the high chicken demand of the market. As the market steadily demands more from OSI Spain, they can be certain that OSI will continuously provide the quality they deserve. Original source

Paul Mamphilly: Writing Articles for Financial Management

Paul Mamphilly is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is most well-known for being the founder of Profits Unlimited. He graduated from the Montclair State University, receiving a degree in Finance and Accounting. He soon took up a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the Gabelli School of Business. After graduating from the university, Paul Mamphilly entered the Bankers Trust Company and served as the assistant portfolio manager. He worked with the senior portfolio manager, and together, they are managing the financial worth of some of their clients. He soon became the portfolio manager after a promotion but had to leave the company after working with them for five years. Paul Mampilly would soon join other companies, and he would also establish small business firms that would manage finances and other investment types.

However, he got tired of working with companies, so he decided to become a writer instead.He joined Banyan Hill Publishing later in his life, becoming of the editors for the company. The articles that he writes focuses mainly on investing and managing finances, and he can connect to millions of Americans who are reading his work. Recently, his publication entitled Profits Unlimited has reached a new milestone, and more than 60,000 individuals are now subscribed to his work. Being a hedge fund manager for more than two decades, Paul Mamphilly developed an ability that would allow him to become successful when choosing an investment option. His skills are now being shared with the rest of the country through the write-ups that he is working on.

Paul Mamphilly is currently enjoying the atmosphere at Banyan Hill Publishing, stating that he liked how the employees working with the company strive harder to provide information to the public. When he was still a hedge fund manager, Paul Mamphilly can turn millions into billions. However, it soon sank into him that he is only making the rich people richer. He wanted to change it, so he decided to help the poor people become richer by teaching them the secrets of being financially successful. He would teach the public on how to become financially literate and how to manage their finances effectively. Aside from writing articles for Profits Unlimited, Paul Mamphilly is also the author of True Momentum, another publication being released by Banyan Hill Publishing. According to Paul Mamphilly, it seems like he will be writing for years to come because he likes the job.