Up Close and Candid With Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a renowned philanthropist who has for three decades made it her vocation to bring several educational reforms through her charitable giving. The reforming tendency runs in Betsy since most of their businesses are aimed at incorporating solutions to social issues.

During an interview with Philanthropy, Betsy speaks on her role in educational reforms and specifically the school choices. During the interview, she explained that they became interested in helping other parents at a time when their kids were also of school-age. It is at that point that Dick DeVos, Betsy’s spouse, ran for the State Board of Education in Michigan and was elected in 1990. Betsy explained that she initiated a scholarship program to help the disadvantaged families.

According to Betsy Devos, some of her biggest triumphs include Florida’s tax-credit scholarship program that serves approximately 50,000 scholars that are attending their schools of choice.

When asked about the progress of the first private school voucher program in Milwaukee, Betsy expressed that it has grown tremendously with over 250,000 scholars in 33 governments, private choice programs spread in Seventeen states. Moreover, the number of children in the educational program has also risen. New programs in several states like Arizona, Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio were implemented in 2012.

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In the interview, Betsy explains that she is focused on the educational choice to break down the walls that allocate scholars to schools that are in the zip code of their families. According to her, she believes in freedom of students selecting the schools that they want, and she believes that advancement in technology alongside appropriate legislation will soon make this feasible.

Betsy explains that digital learning will soon take over the educational–choice movement as children are fast learners of the new technologies being developed in the market today. So, she believes the incorporation of digital learning will be fruitful and assist children in maximizing their full potential. When asked about homeschooling, Betsy explains that it a perfect educational alternative that many parents are embracing as they have a little mandate with regards to the schools their children are allocated. Besides, she also welcomes Charter schools as a suitable educational option for parents.

Betsy DeVos Personal Biography

Betsy emerges from a family of staunch philanthropists and activists. She holds a business degree and a BA in Political Science from Calvin College. Betsy is married to businessman Dick DeVos, and they have four children and six grandchildren.

Currently, Betsy is the 11th U.S Cabinet Secretary of Education, a position she has held since February 7, 2017. Before this, she served as the chairperson of Windquest Group, an investment and manufacturing corporation established in 1989.

Additionally, she has held several non-profit responsibilities including chairing the Dick and Betsy Foundations. She is also an affiliate with foundations like the Kids Hope USA, the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church. Betsy also chairs the American Federation for Children (AFC) and the Alliance for School Choice. Visit Betsy’s profile on twitter.com.

The Magnificent Philanthropy Of Betsy DeVos

When Betsy DeVo’s name gets mentioned in conversation, few people have negative things to say about her. Aside from being a prestigious businesswoman, Betsy DeVos has used her position to bring change and reform to the American people. Moreover, she has used her platform to address the concerns of the impoverished and the uneducated. Aside from building a multi-billion dollar empire, Betsy DeVos remains a profound philanthropist. Throughout the years, Betsy has given away millions of dollars to preserve numerous art and educational programs. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos remains an inspiration to women worldwide. Singlehandedly, Betsy DeVos broke the “glass ceiling” afflicting millions of women. Currently, she serves as the Unites States Secretary of Education. Moreover, she remains the eleventh person to have held that position.

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In addition, Betsy DeVos remains a proud member of the Republican Party. Moreover, Betsy DeVos rose to the top of her political party due to her popular views. To name a few, these include students being able to choose a school, school voucher programs, charter schools and so forth. Moreover, she served as chairwoman of the Republican Party from 1996 to 2000. Aside from politics, Betsy DeVos remains renowned for her stance on educational reform. Throughout her youth, Betsy championed in the educational rights for everyone. To this day, it remains something that she values dearly. In addition, Betsy remains known for her work regarding the school system in Detroit. Due to her vigorous efforts, she became an esteemed member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Moreover, Betsy served as chairwoman of the boards of the Alliance for School Choice other various educational programs.

Moreover, I respect Betsy DeVos for her activism. For years, she fought for equality and the goodwill of all Americans. Personally, I believe Betsy understands the importance of a good education. Without education, it remains difficult to advance within society. In her personal life, Betsy remains equally devout as a wife as she remains in politics. Moreover, Betsy remains married to Dick Devos. For those unaware, Dick DeVos remains a successful businessman and a multi-billionaire. Previously, he served as the CEO of Amway. Also, Betsy hails from a highly successful family. In fact, her brother served in the U.S. Navy as an officer. Although Betsy DeVos remains extremely affluent, she remains far from selfish. Throughout the years, she has selflessly given back to the community. Moreover, her and her husband launched a foundation in 1989. It remains known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Since its conception, the company has led a crusade against the shortage of leadership in at-risk communities. Moreover, the foundation has donated approximately $11.6 dollars. In fact, their lifetime contributions remain $139 million dollars. Visit Betsy’s profile on twitter.com.

George Soros and His Presence in the American Election

George Soros is a name most people have already heard, as he is ranked in #22 place among the world’s richest hedge fund managers on Forbes, with a net worth of $25.2 billion. He was born in Hungarian and is currently 85 years old, living in New York.

The billionaire is highly present in the American politics as an investor and supporter of the candidates he upholds. In the most recent American election, George Soros funded Hilary Clinton with more than $25 million to support her candidacy. He also backed up other Democrats according to the Federal Election Commission.

This type of funding coming from Mr. Soros was last seen in the elections of 2004 when he used his capital to try to defeat the candidacy of George Bush. Back then, he spent $27 million for that cause. The amount of money that George Soros invested for the rest of 2016’s election might have reached $24.9 billion through trades and silent funding.

Soros was supporting Hillary very firmly in the elections, as the businessman and the candidate knew each other for 25 years. Analysts say that he was never so politically engaged as he was in 2016, even compared to his funding spree in 2004. This engagement seems not only come from his desire to see Clinton as the country’s next president, but also out of fear of Trump running the US’s presidency. He knew that Hillary’s campaign was directly built to try to defeat Donald Trump and his campaign goals.

His dread of Mr. Trump assuming the place in the white house comes from what the man says in his speeches compared to the causes that George Soros has been supporting and fighting for during years. The solutions that Soros looks forward to including tolerance towards religion and immigrants, and a reforming of the immigration system and the justice as well as the law enforcement system.

He would have stayed to watch the Democratic presidential nomination for Clinton, but he had to return to Europe a few days before the designation day.

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It is clear that Soros had the money power to beat any other funding activist in Trump’s side, as he was carefully and actively supporting Clinton’s campaign against them. As Clinton won the popular vote count, a considerable part of it comes from the billionaire’s support for the cause.

George is actively funding other principles through his office, the Soros Fund Management, including philanthropic charities with no intentions of profit. The man came from humble origins, being born in a Jewish family in Budapest. He won his spot among the richest people around the globe through constant dedication and the bright vision of where profit was and how to pursue it. He understands economy and finance as no one else could since he became known as the man who benefited the most out of the British pound.

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