Reviewing Ken Goodgame’s Contribution to the Corporate World

Ken Goodgame’s rise in the corporate world has been outstanding and incomparable. His contribution to the field of marketing in particular, has been immense. Ken’s prowess in operations management has also won him many admirers within and beyond the industry. His specialty has been the formation of marketing strategies that have the ability to stand up to turbulent market forces. The strategies that he helps create, have similarly become notable due to their ability to respond to the needs of businesses in a timely manner.

The influence that Kenneth Goodgame has managed to amass during his career proves how successful he has been. His role in the formation of pragmatic business marketing models, has been the silver lining of his career. This, combined with his eye for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial mind, gives him the ability to foretell market outcomes. Goodgame also offers advice on marketing strategies that can be implemented by firms so that they can sell their products to a diverse market.

Mr. Goodgame’s standout attribute is his work ethic, and the ability to network and create partnerships that are pivotal to business growth. His other areas of focus are employee enlistment, corporate repositioning, quality assurance, and the management of performance indicator systems. He recognizes the role that these factors play in business. It is for this reason that Ken comes up with workable marketing approaches, which incorporate these key factors.

A Synopsis of Mr. Goodgame

Ken holds a marketing degree from the University of Tennessee. He embarked on his career at Home Depot, where he started off as a Product Manager. His diligence and discipline caught the attention of his bosses, who elevated him to become the firm’s senior global product merchant. While working at Home Depot, his marketing talent was discovered.

Mr. Goodgame was also successful in his subsequent appointments at Rubbermaid Cleaning, Bernzomatic, Baja Motorsports and Ace Hardware Corporation. He is credited with spearheading Rubbermaid Cleaning’s turnaround by negotiating a multimillion dollar contract with retail chain, Walmart.

Eric Pulier: Continual Entrepreneur, Succedent Humanitarian

Learning of some individual’s accomplishments can be fairly astounding. Eric Pulier, for example, has been operating businesses since the fourth grade. From programming computers for his friends, family, and teachers to establishing a database computer company in high school, the serial entrepreneur has been incredibly busy in a way that has been slowly but surely improving the country. Upon graduating from Harvard University in 1991, the intelligently affluent man wasted no time in getting to work.

From Boston to Los Angeles, Pulier was eager to get his feet wet within the technology industry. In 1994, he developed People Doing Things (PTD), which was a company intent on unveiling the problems with certain American industries, including health care and education. This small taste of success was all Pulier needed, and he later went on to open fifteen other companies that all specialized in improving areas in need with the use of technology.

As technology continues to advance each day, Eric Pulier surely grows busier in his business affairs. While the stress of such a reality would eat away at most other entrepreneurs, Pulier uses it as an opportunity to further give back to the community. In addition to being a sequential entrepreneur, the technologist is also a serial philanthropist who regularly donates to charities and educates others on how to improve their businesses, lives, and industry in general. His empathetic qualities allow him to listen to the ideas of others and bring them to life without tarnishing them in the least.

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DIVERSANT Revolutionizing the IT Staffing Industry

DIVERSANT LLC is America’s largest African-American owned firm dealing with IT staffing and solutions. The company is fully certified and offers an extensive assortment of scalable IT staffing and diversity products. These include IT direct hire, staff augmentation, as well as innovative diversity solutions.

DIVERSANT LLC is headquartered in New Jersey and has offices in other areas such as Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, not forgetting Texas. The company has dramatically grown, even withstanding the economic downturn. It has built an excellent reputation, especially for various Fortune 500 companies.

The company utilizes a consultative approach that entails engaging the clients as business partners. Unlike many other companies that only act as commodity suppliers, DIVERSANT LLC helps its customers in solving critical issues. The company bases its products and services on “Best-In-Class” methodologies that are aimed at meeting the clients’ needs, not forgetting the communities they serve.

DIVERSANT LLC is guided by certain principles that have been tested over time and brought success in the company’s quest to deliver the highest level of service to its clients. The quality service has resulted in bringing satisfaction to the company’s customers and partners. The company observes utmost integrity as part and parcel of its core values.

Diversity is the key secret to DIVERSANT LLC’s success. Having realized the power of diversity in the IT industry, the company strives to promote this culture in the American workplace. Diversity has numerous advantages including building strong ties within communities, as well as connecting companies to various markets.

A great deal of the company’s success is owed to its dedicated staff as well as the able leadership. Gene Waddy, the Chief Executive Officer, and John Goullet, the Principal have played a significant role in steering the company to where it is.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur in the IT sector. He has led the development of several highly successful ventures. The Ursinus College graduate began his career working as an IT consultant and switched to IT staffing in 1994. He founded Info Technologies and grew it to $30 M within five years. John’s Info Technologies merged with Gene’s DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC, where he is the Chairman and Principal Executive.