Rocketship Education Has Proven Its Worth

Rocketship education could very well be the answer for America’s difficult educational system. In a world where a thriving tax base in a community means that good schools will prevail, also means just the opposite in locations where the tax base has dried up. It is very difficult to grow and maintain a successful school district with no money.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit public charter school system that locates in economically challenged areas. Many students in these areas are suffering from a severe educational gap because of the poor conditions of their school facilities, and this is a gap from which most of them will never recover.

Rocketship Education is the new, innovative, exciting and successful education model that students and parents alike love for its honesty and its ability to bring good results. For example, the average Rocketship student is ready to graduate a full year before comparable students in public schools are ready. Students who move on to middle school from Rocketship elementary are far better equipped academically based on their test scores. These students are more self-confident, and have better social and academic skill sets, according to independent studies.

A huge factor is an involvement that the parents are allowed to take part in because the student gets tremendous momentum when his parents take a genuine interest in what is happening in the educational process. Parents can be as active as they wish, but just the fact that the student is aware of the involvement is very important.

Partnerships are also made with the community and the teachers, so there is communication between all committed parties. Parents do have the right to speak up to the community, and the Rocketship school. The end result is a very satisfactory education for the children.

Students have a rigorous curriculum of math, science, reading, social studies and other lifestyle courses in art, music, dancing, cooking, gardening and similar subjects. Their routine is quite different, however than the typical classroom setting that most of us are used to. While they do have general sessions for the dissemination of general topics, there is much breaking up in smaller groups, time spent with digital divices for memory work and exercises, and individual tutoring.