Exploring Sentient AI

Every day we hear more and more about Sentient AI its impact on the real world, not just movies. So what exactly does it mean? Sentient AI or Artificial Intelligence is the process committed to creating software that can show empathy and think for itself. Sentient AI exists in today’s digital marketing world in a few different forms and is changing the way we as consumers do business. One such method is Natural Language Processing or NLP. This technology is important to a computer’s ability to learn. One example of this is your smart phone’s predictive text when using the keyboard to type. The software on your phone is able to learn from its specific user and understand the bigger picture of what one might be trying to say. This particular process would enable a brand to better comprehend what it’s customer wants or needs. Another tool used in the process of Sentient AI and digital marketing is something called segmentation. Businesses have long used what it calls target audiences, and that is normally categorized by age or gender. However today, with the process of segmentation, those audiences are much more specific and complicated. They can combine several criteria thereby offering completely customizable marketing solutions to businesses. An extremely common example of Sentient AI recommendations. Algorithms understand and learn user behaviors, likes and dislikes; making recommendations based on the information gathered. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and even Netflix utilize this to drive pushing specific products and content to consumers. A lot of companies also make use of Sentient AI in relation to messaging systems. Predicted conversation software that is often found on many websites uses AI to answer questions assist with orders and product information. The software acts in a manner that resembles a conversation with the consumer, who often times may not realize they are having a conversation with software and not a person. It is truly remarkable software. Learn more about Sentient at bloomberg.com.