Getting Wine From UK Vintners Is Easier Than Ever

The UK has a fabulous wine-producing area. There are upwards of 500 vineyards in both England and Wales. The (EWP) English Wine Producers is responsible for representing, promoting, and marketing English Wines and Vineyards. They represent about 3/4’s of the wine industry and their purpose is to promote UK wines to a mainstream and wide audience. They provide information about UK vineyards and wines to the wine consumer. Also in the last week of May, they help coordinate a fabulous event called English Wine Week.

The list of UK Vintners is extensive and there are a number of companies that offer online purchasing to their customers. Some offer free delivery within 7 days, direct to your door. Some UK Vintners also have wine clubs. They usually charge a small fee and with this membership, you will get wine and then they offer their club members a regular wine supply at a discounted rate. The best part is that the wine is delivered directly to you. No need to go shopping for the wine of your choice.

Ordering UK Wines is easier than ever! It’s as simple as clicking on a link, choosing your favorite wine, making payment via credit or debit card, then a great wine is delivered right to your door. No muss, no fuss. It’s really as easy as that. Another beautiful part of online ordering is that you can order mixed cases of different wines so that you can try a new wine that you haven’t had a chance to taste.

Wine clubs from UK Vintners is a fabulous way to explore many new wines. The key is to find a club that has flexibility in how often you must order wine and one that allows you to change your wine options within a case. Some even offer no registration fee and can offer old-world and new-world styles of wine. If you are a wine connoisseur it is recommended that you find a wine club that fits your needs and budget. This requires simply looking up UK wine club plans online and reading over their guidelines. If you are in the UK many UK merchants offer wine tastings.

For the discerning wine connoisseur, purchasing UK wines is easier than ever. All your wines can be ordered from the comfort of your home and delivery is fast and right to you. With so many great UK Vintners it’s a great time to explore UK Wine!