Oncotarget, a Free Online Journal, Provides The Much-Needed Information On Science Discoveries and Eventually Improving Lives

Oncotarget is a journal that operates under the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. The international journal mainly targets on the research of the primary cause of all sorts of cancer. It uses the peer review approach to providing accurate information to the targeted audience. It also researches on treatment and therapies, aimed at improving cancer patient’s care. Oncotarget also looks into results found following new management programs and therapies adopted focusing on the perspective of cancer patients regarding adherence, satisfaction, and quality of life.

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Current Therapies Improvement

The journal further seeks to understand the currently existing therapies and treatments by exploring the evidence behind them. It defines their utilization with an aim to drive their acceptance by both cancer patients and physicians. Oncotarget also seeks to improve these therapies and treatments with an ultimate goal of improving results upon their use.

Creating Awareness

Oncotarget is a free to access journal that hosts different disciplines of science and research. Its papers are published in weekly issues on an online platform. These papers can, however, be printed on exceptional requests. Oncotarget’s primary goal is to avail science research results and discoveries to a wide audience in the shortest time possible. The journal also seeks to link different areas of biomedical sciences by getting rid of the borders between them. Their ultimate goal is to use these discoveries in fighting diseases to eventually achieve a disease-free world.

Moving Beyond Oncology

Following the impeccable leadership of top and reputable scientists, Oncotarget has managed to gear each researcher in contributing to the improvement and progress of science. This great achievement led Oncotarget in accepting subjects that go beyond oncology. It has so far specialized in immunology, neuroscience, cell death, autophagy, circadian rhythm, pathology, and neurotarget. Download output styles at Endnote.com

More About Oncotarget

Oncotarget existence dates back to the year 2010. It is led by chief editors Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who is an Oncologist, College Professor, and a Cancer Researcher. The journal has continuously grown and improved its performance. This has seen some of its members receive the highest price in the field dubbed the Breakthrough Prize. The journal is successfully published by Impact Journals and is funded by Gordon Research Conference.

Richard Shinto is Transforming Healthcare through InnovaCare Health

It is crucial for everyone to access quality healthcare services. In the past, only the wealthy individuals in the society had the opportunity to access this basic necessity. This is because insurance companies in different parts of the world were charging unfathomable amounts of money to their clients. The United States government intervened, and it came up with a unique insurance plan known as Medicare Advantage. This cover is affordable to most of the middle-class individuals, and it provides quality services to the consumer.

InnovaCare Health is one of the companies in the United States that provide Medicare Advantage Plans. The institution operates through an efficient network of more than seventy-five thousand providers; offering managed health care solutions. The healthcare company has worked hard to advance and use the latest and state of the art facilities to ensure that the customers get what they deserve. The institution is always looking for innovative ways to make their services cheaper so that everyone in the country can afford them. Learn more about Innovacare at Businesswire

InnovaCare Health has a team of leaders who have enabled the institution to grow to more than two hundred thousand subscribers. The leaders are experts in the healthcare industry, and they have come up strategic growth plans, leading to major growth.

Richard Shinto is the executive who works as the president and CEO of InnovCare Health for several years now. Rick has been working for the institution since he left Aveta Inc, and he has transformed the company and the healthcare industry at large. Richard Shinto has served in the healthcare industry for more than three decades, and he has a lot of knowledge in the medical industry. Apart from being the president and chief executive officer of the company, Rick Shinto has authored several books and articles in the past. These publications have helped very many individuals.

Shinto ventured into the industry several decades ago by working in Southern California as a pulmonologist. His great talents played a key role in his success. He was appointed to the leadership position in Cal Optima Health Plan because of his achievements.

Penelope Kokkinides is Shinto’s friend and colleague in InnovaCare Health. Penelope serves the company as the chief administrative officer, and her capabilities have been instrumental in the success of the enterprise. Kokkinides has served the industry for decades, and she understands her duties very well. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides was working at Aveta Inc as the vice president. Contact details available at Manta.com.

LifeLine Screening Provides The Ultimate In Preventative Medicine

LifeLine Screening is a medical imaging company that offers various screenings for the purpose of helping people to learn about their physical well-being while at the same time making reports available to an individual’s personal physician for evaluation.

The Lifeline Screening program comes in three categories, which are ultrasound, finger-stick blood test, and the limited electrocardiograph. All three of these tests provide valuable result.

The Ultrasound procedure is the same test that shows pregnant moms their baby growing in the womb. It sends sound waves which illuminate the organs inside the human body in real time. It is possible to see blood flow in the veins and arteries, thus seeing if there are potential blockages. This is valuable for screenings of the aorta and carotid arteries as well as the ankle-brachial index screening. It can also test for bone density which can discern if osteoporosis is a problem.

The finger-stick blood test takes only a few drops of blood and from that can compile an entire lipid blood panel. This provides valuable information about a person’s cholesterol and triglycerides levels, including the HDL and LDL measurements. It also gives the glucose readings which can signal a diabetic condition and liver enzyme results that could warn about liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph can detect atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib, as it is called. This is an irregular heartbeat which can cause clots to form, thus providing an atmosphere that can cause a stroke. Most people are not even aware that they have A-Fib because in many instances there is no sensation or feeling that would indicate it exists.

In most cases, these tests are not available when a person has their annual check-up with their personal physician because the equipment is found mostly in hospitals and testing facilities. Lifeline Screening equipment is usually found in community buildings such as libraries, civic buildings, and employer facilities.

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George Soros and His Presence in the American Election

George Soros is a name most people have already heard, as he is ranked in #22 place among the world’s richest hedge fund managers on Forbes, with a net worth of $25.2 billion. He was born in Hungarian and is currently 85 years old, living in New York.

The billionaire is highly present in the American politics as an investor and supporter of the candidates he upholds. In the most recent American election, George Soros funded Hilary Clinton with more than $25 million to support her candidacy. He also backed up other Democrats according to the Federal Election Commission.

This type of funding coming from Mr. Soros was last seen in the elections of 2004 when he used his capital to try to defeat the candidacy of George Bush. Back then, he spent $27 million for that cause. The amount of money that George Soros invested for the rest of 2016’s election might have reached $24.9 billion through trades and silent funding.

Soros was supporting Hillary very firmly in the elections, as the businessman and the candidate knew each other for 25 years. Analysts say that he was never so politically engaged as he was in 2016, even compared to his funding spree in 2004. This engagement seems not only come from his desire to see Clinton as the country’s next president, but also out of fear of Trump running the US’s presidency. He knew that Hillary’s campaign was directly built to try to defeat Donald Trump and his campaign goals.

His dread of Mr. Trump assuming the place in the white house comes from what the man says in his speeches compared to the causes that George Soros has been supporting and fighting for during years. The solutions that Soros looks forward to including tolerance towards religion and immigrants, and a reforming of the immigration system and the justice as well as the law enforcement system.

He would have stayed to watch the Democratic presidential nomination for Clinton, but he had to return to Europe a few days before the designation day.

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It is clear that Soros had the money power to beat any other funding activist in Trump’s side, as he was carefully and actively supporting Clinton’s campaign against them. As Clinton won the popular vote count, a considerable part of it comes from the billionaire’s support for the cause.

George is actively funding other principles through his office, the Soros Fund Management, including philanthropic charities with no intentions of profit. The man came from humble origins, being born in a Jewish family in Budapest. He won his spot among the richest people around the globe through constant dedication and the bright vision of where profit was and how to pursue it. He understands economy and finance as no one else could since he became known as the man who benefited the most out of the British pound.

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Jeremy Goldstein Helps New Yorkers Win Their Case

The scene is all too familiar, whether it is some Hollywood blockbuster about buddy cops or daytime television law series, the scene always remains the same. The cops finally have their suspect and are trying to get him to talk when he says the same line every actor before him has said, “I want to speak with my lawyer.” A few cuts later, the suspect is privately conversing with his attorney looking for a way to get out free.


The scene has become commonplace and with it has trivialized the difficulty that some individuals undergo when just trying to find legal representation. Simply finding a lawyer to consult about your unpaid damages for a car accident is difficult enough without the added issue of seeking representation for more pressing matters.


Finally, something has been done about that problem though. The New York State Bar Association’s LRIS program launched a web portal created to combat the difficulty faced by many New Yorkers.


The web portal requires users just answer a few questions before individuals are connected with professionals like Jeremy Goldstein who will help them find legal closure.


The portal which is free to use and connects individuals with legal representatives for free as well found itself the subject of a piece recently published by the writing staff at the Madison County Courier. The piece which tackled the issue that necessitated the creation of the portal also shed some light on the projected benefits New Yorkers will receive every time they use the portal.


The entire piece can be found at the Madison County Courier’s web page, please click here to view the story.


If you need legal representation please contact Jeremy Goldstein, he has built his entire career upon helping clients win their individual cases and providing his community with service.

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Mike Baur: Investing in Young Entrepreneur

Investing in startups is courageous choice of investment that many investors tend to avoid. This is because it is an investing opportunity with inherent risks and uncertainties. When executed wrongly, it could lead to significant financial losses. However, business startups have many documented stories of success. A significant number of best performing companies today were once startups operating from cramped spaces, some with no decent office space. With the right connections and proper funding, startups have the potential of growing into viable businesses. Startups are rich grounds for promoting creativity and innovations. While many investors seek to purchase successful startups, a Swiss entrepreneur, Mike Baur, has come up with an innovative way of promoting startups growth and development. His approach challenges the common practice and norms remodels the concept of startup funding and development.


Remodeling and Challenging Startup Conventions

The common practice in dealing with startups is letting the aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs struggle with their idea then when it finally amounts to something buy them off. In some cases, multinationals and rich investors buy the ideas including the patents are relatively low prices then end up selling them for billions of dollars. However, Mike Baur is actively challenging this common practice. To challenge this common business model when it comes to dealing with startups, he has invested in a program aimed at promoting the growth of startups through networking, mentorship and coaching innovators. This program is aimed at instilling confidence in the innovators while also giving them a head start in the highly competitive marketplace by giving professional connections and an office space to operate from for a given period of time.


After working in the Swiss banking sector for two decades, Mike Baur teamed up with like-mindedness individuals to realize their dream of forming a factory for startups. The company they founded, symbolically named Swiss Startup Factory actively incubates startups selected from across the country. In addition to coaching, mentorship, provision of office space and networking, the company the complete package for its three-month program by financing the startups under its program. Mr. Baur oversees the company’s transparent selection process, occasionally serving a judge during startup contests. These events are organized all across the country especially in learning institutions.


From Banker to Mentor

Before opting for incubating startups, Mike Baur had a successful career as banker. His 20-year experience in the banking sector saw him work for some of the biggest banks in the industry. Currently, he serves as part of the management team of Swiss Startup Factory and director of Swiss Startup Association. He graduated from University of Rochester with a Masters of Business Administration and University of Berne with Executive MBA.

The Journey Of Todd Lubar In Real Estate

The real estate crisis in Baltimore is showing some signs of a comeback. There are many signs depicting it. In fact, even the state has done its due. Due to the real estate crisis, a number of regulations have been changed in order to make these easy and consumer-friendly. Hence foreclosures have become much lesser in this state as compared to the other states.

Todd Lubar started his career in 1995, in real estate. He graduated from the Syracuse University and got his degree in speech communication. But his fascination with all the aspects of real estate had always been there. He always knew that he wanted to build his career in real estate.

In the beginning, Todd Lubar started working as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. This job taught him everything about conservative mortgage banking. He got his expertise in this field. Even today people consider him to be having invaluable experience in this area.

Todd Lubar was highly interested in real estate industry and wanted to learn everything about it. This was when he started building relationships with those who were in related fields. So he made friends with insurance agents, CPAs, and financial planners along with real estate agents. Now all these individuals make an integral part of his unique referral base.

In 1999 Todd Lubar made his first major move in the field of real estate. This was by accepting an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. His lending knowledge enhanced and he was able to broker loans to the investors coming in from outside. With this skill, he could lend just the way in which a direct mortgage bank would do; more details can be found on his about.me page.

Now Legendary Properties, LLC. was started by Todd Lubar. It was into residential development. The company was buying, selling, rehabilitating as well as earning profits on all kinds of residences. These could be single-family homes or even big structures catering to multi-families.

Todd Lubar formed relationships with those who were into building processes. This way he could build good quality homes, be efficient, and grow his business still more by being consistent.

He is focused on giving back to the community. His company and his work depict that only. He has a keen interest in all the aspects of real estate. This is why Todd Lubar has a reputation for being able to deliver exactly what he has promised to his customers!

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Get Psyched for Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one product for women. The product serves as a shampoo, conditioner, deep cleanser, deep conditioner, and detangler. Developed by L.A. stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean (visit his online store  here: http://chazdean.com/store.aspx), the Cleansing Conditioner works without later, and as an all-natural product, is free of parabens and other harmful substances. The Cleansing Conditioner works wonderfully on all hair types, with dramatic results with just three-weeks of use.

Users Share Wen Cleansing Conditioner Experience

Thousands of Wen Cleansing Conditioner users happily share their experience with other women every single day. One user shared a 7-day diary of her Wen Cleansing Conditioner use, noting fullness after the first use, and softer, shinier hair by the end of the week-long period. The user likes the ease-of-use the Cleansing Conditioner offers, and promises it is a new product on her go-to beauty regimen. This happy experience is one of many that are told after use of Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

More Wen Cleansing Conditioner Facts

In a three-week study posted on Wen.com, 95% of Wen users reported their hair more manageable, while 100% reported their hair softer and shinier. The product is one that many women use regularly, and trust to provide phenomenal results they cannot get using any other product. Available in a Sweet Almond Mint scent, the WEN Cleansing Conditioner leaves a great long-lasting smell as it provides its many intriguing benefits to your hair.

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Sam Tabar: A Brilliant Mind Beyond Measure

Sam Tabar is a full package and a force to reckon. This man is super successful, and his numerous achievements can be felt in all walks of life.The trained lawyer is well known for his numerous achievements in the financial world.

His Tweets read like an upmarket financial investment blog, and his advice is immeasurable. Sam Tabar’s role in the feminine world is remarkable, as he is one of the earliest investors of female hygiene products.

However, nothing compares to the Columbia University’s law graduate accomplishments in the recycling department. Sam Tabar, the brilliant financial strategist, is also a General Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund. This company’s main role is to minimize the emission of harmful carbon gas.

It does this by recycling polluting fuels from municipal solid waste into environment-friendly fuels. In addition to this, it gives capital for buying and constructing suitable machines for the job. By synthesizing gas, the machines are reducing the cost of operating machines.

The company uses Synova Company to spot the appropriate beneficiaries of the OLGA designed program. Just like that the Oxford University, Bachelor of Arts graduate might even qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize in the future for his role in recycling waste to provide valuable energy.

The former Merrill Lynch Capital strategist, social media accounts also spell out success as he uses them in a positive light. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://angel.co/sam-tabar

However, nothing beats his impressive career as Sam has also worked at the Bank of America. He has also worked as a Deputy Manager for Sparx Group (PMA) which is the biggest autonomous fund in Asia Pacific where he spearheaded a world class marketing strategy. He has also worked as a budget strategist for numerous finance outlets.

His Columbia University Masters in law has enabled him to work as an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP and four other equally brilliant law firms.

In addition to this, the sharp mind is enrolled at the New York Bar, so he still gives out legal advice. In 2016, Tabar’s Midas touch spread to the fashion world as he was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Awearable Apparel clothing company.

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Madison Street Capital Secures Double Nominations In The Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital firm, an international investment firm, has earned double Annual M&A Advisor Awards nomination for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year- International and Industrials Deal of the Year. M&A Advisor has already announced Madison as the winner of the Industrials Deal of the Year for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. They were recognized for their role in helping Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. Karl D’Cunha, Madison’s senior managing director, oversaw the transaction. The prestigious award program recognizes outstanding deal makers, financing and restructuring successes besides celebrating achievements and contributions made by leading companies and professionals.


Charles Botchway, the founder and CEO of Madison Street, said that they were pleased to help their longstanding client, Dowco throughout the acquisition process. He also added that they were honored to be among the nominees for the prestigious Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year award. Charles posited that Madison has highly trained and committed deal makers who work tirelessly to ensure that they match their clients with appropriate companies that will address their diverse needs for long-term growth of their businesses. Karl said that they were proud to have invested their time and resources in the complex transaction that involved numerous processes. The M&A Advisor was founded in 1998 with the aim of offering insights on mergers and acquisition activities. The awards ceremony was held at the New York Athletic Club on November 9, 2016.


About Madison Street Capital, LLC

Madison Street Capital reputation of upholding integrity and providing innovative services has made it a leader in the competitive financial industry. The company specializes in mergers and acquisition, corporate financial advisory services and valuation services. Its client base includes both public and private companies. Their employees have unique skills that help them to arrange appropriate financing and capitalization structures based on specific needs of the clients. Over the years, the company has focused on ensuring that consumers are satisfied. Madison Street Capital has been in operations for many decades. To this end, they have gained immense experience on how to develop consumer oriented products and services to its diverse clients.


In addition, the corporation provides clients with financial reports, financial consultancy, buy side and sell side services for private equity, restructuring services and M&A services for hedge funds. To this end, clients are able to acquire businesses, build a sound exit strategy, enhance corporate governance and develop innovative business plans. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The entity has opened offices in North America, Asia and Africa.

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