Eric Pulier: Continual Entrepreneur, Succedent Humanitarian

Learning of some individual’s accomplishments can be fairly astounding. Eric Pulier, for example, has been operating businesses since the fourth grade. From programming computers for his friends, family, and teachers to establishing a database computer company in high school, the serial entrepreneur has been incredibly busy in a way that has been slowly but surely improving the country. Upon graduating from Harvard University in 1991, the intelligently affluent man wasted no time in getting to work.

From Boston to Los Angeles, Pulier was eager to get his feet wet within the technology industry. In 1994, he developed People Doing Things (PTD), which was a company intent on unveiling the problems with certain American industries, including health care and education. This small taste of success was all Pulier needed, and he later went on to open fifteen other companies that all specialized in improving areas in need with the use of technology.

As technology continues to advance each day, Eric Pulier surely grows busier in his business affairs. While the stress of such a reality would eat away at most other entrepreneurs, Pulier uses it as an opportunity to further give back to the community. In addition to being a sequential entrepreneur, the technologist is also a serial philanthropist who regularly donates to charities and educates others on how to improve their businesses, lives, and industry in general. His empathetic qualities allow him to listen to the ideas of others and bring them to life without tarnishing them in the least.

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