IAP Worldwide Services Merger with DRS Technologies

In a recent PRNewswire, IAP’s Head of Operations, Doug Kitani announced that they had acquired A&L and TCNS, DRS Technologies’ business units. A&L is an Oklahoma City-based company specializing in logistics, aviation, and mission support services. Conversely, TCNS is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, and it specializes in IT, engineering, ICT, and supports the US military to accomplish its mission. IAP Worldwide Services intends to integrate its competencies with the unique proficiency of the acquired DRS Technologies’ business units as part of its development plan.

IAP Worldwide believes that the acquired units will increase its ability to deliver custom-tailored services to all its government agencies and double its market base. According to Doug Kitani, the acquired units will integrate with the existing IAP Security unit to form Aviation & Engineering Solutions. He also pointed out that DRS Technologies’ brings an added layer of expertise in aviation, networking, and communication services.

Its development plan is based on organic growth through focusing on customer satisfaction, ongoing innovation, and practicing the lean concept. Besides, IAP Worldwide looks forward to realizing inorganic growth by merging with business units, which complement its core values. Doug Kitani attributes the success of the acquisition to the company’s shareholders; therefore their support is noteworthy. The acquired business units demonstrate IAP’s long-term commitment to meeting its customers’ needs, even in hostile situations.

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About IAP Worldwide Services

As a market leader for over six decades, IAP Worldwide Services makes what seems impossible to its customers possible. With a team of qualified and dedicated experts, IAP Worldwide Services provides mission support, technical, and global-scale logistics across the world. Currently, IAP Worldwide Services has over 2000 field specialists functioning in over 25 countries around the world. Leveraging its extensive expertise in logistical and technical problems, IAP Worldwide Services engages the unforeseen events ranging from natural calamities to overseas wars. With an extensive experience in planning and implementing logistical and technological projects, IAP Worldwide Services responds to its customers at a moment of notice.

IAP Worldwide Services leads in the global market in the delivery of services and solutions to accomplish the mission of the US military. As a global-scale company on Hoovers, IAP Worldwide services capitalizes and integrates its proficiency to provide innovative and reliable solutions to complex challenges experienced by its customers.

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