Don Ressler Achieves Incredible Business Success with JustFab

If you have never heard of Intelligent Beauty or Don Ressler, the chances are that you have heard of JustFab. JustFab is an online fashion subscription company on Pando that was started in 2010. The company has grown immeasurably to become a highly successful fashion retailer. In the first two years of operation, the company was able to amass six million people that subscribed to the company’s service. The result was that Intelligent Beauty earned a strong foothold in the online beauty and fashion markets.

Don Ressler has played a huge role in bringing innovation to fashion. After taking data from JustFab, he realized that most of the company’s customers were parents. He saw an opportunity to sell products that would appeal to their kids. He quickly launched a branch of JustFab known as FabKids. After a successful start of the venture, he later introduced another company known as Fabletics. Both of these new branches on TechStyle did very well under the leadership of Ressler and his team. Fabletics has moved forth to add another line of menswear known as FL2.

The two companies have grown to generate over five million dollars in revenue. Intelligent Beauty started as a brand that focused on skincare products. It later branched to JustFab which concentrated on the line of fashion. JustFab is a highly popular fashion company that works on a subscription business model at

Many women that work never have enough time to shop and order items. JustFab decided to introduce a subscription service on LinkedInthat allowed women’s clothing to be shipped every month. Members of JustFab are always expecting something new from Ressler and his team. The firm ensures that women get something they may not have had the time to purchase. The subscription service means a lot to women. That is why Don Ressler he is pushing a lot for the expansion of the business.

Don Ressler is a force to reckon in the fashion world since he controls two leading fashion brands. He is there to ensure the growth of JustFab. Also, he wants Fabletics to open more stores. His love for business and fashion makes him the perfect person to run his business. He continues to lead the company in the direction it is supposed to go. He understands every strategy and path to business success.

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