Davos REG announces the launch of its mobile application

Companies are increasingly embracing technology in their quest to improve themselves. Communication through the web has improved service delivery by milestones. Firms are even developing mobile applications in order to increasingly interact with their clients. Davos Real Estate Group is one such company. According to Gerard Gonzales, the company’s Executive Director, the mobile application has been one of his top priorities this year. Speaking at the launch of the application on June 22, Gerard stressed how important it would turn out to be. The application, called Davos Cap calculator, will definitely revolutionize Davos REG’s service delivery. The newly released app targets the company’s clients in real estate.

Davos REG is an independent company that is part of the Davos Financial Group, founded by David Osio in 1993. Since its inception, the group has taken the financial sector in Venezuela and Latin America by storm. Apart from the Davos REG, the group consists of many other independent companies, all that work towards fulfilling the group’s objective.

The Executive director emphasizes the importance of this application to the company and to its clients. He states that the implementation of the mobile application goes in line with the company’s goals. For the clients, the app will help calculate an estimated amount of rent that they should charge for their property for them to generate their desired income. An extra feature that has been added to the application is the Mortgage Calculator. It allows the clients to keep track with their bank dues, enabling them to project the funds and interest rates.

David Osio counts this as one of the biggest achievements in the company. He states that it will go a long way in helping the company’s clients when investing in property. Apart from the launch of the mobile application, other arrangements to improve services are also in place.



About David Osio


1981 saw David Osio begin his stellar career, managing the coffee export program in the position of CEO. He later went on to occupy an executive position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he served to structure the marketing programs for its products in the US. It is after that he decided to go into banking law. In 1984, he joined the Caracas Law firm MGO where he dealt with corporate clients. These are the event that led to Osio starting his own company, the Davos Financial group. He founded it in 1993, with his experience and extensive knowledge that he had gathered steering him.




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