Most Popular Comedy Anime and The Heroine


Comedy is always a great go-to genre for anime. Laughter is the best medicine, and it makes you live longer. So, here’s to the best comedy anime for enabling longevity.


The anime that holds the title of best comedy anime is Gintama. Gintama is a lively anime series about a silver haired samurai named Gintoki, who works as a freelance for hire doing odd jobs. He has gathered two followers, a straight man (a character who is serious and down to earth, and doesn’t joke around in order to compliment the comedic characters) Shinpachi and a bottomless pit Amanto girl with super strength, named Kagura. Together in this harem anime, the three of them take on odd jobs for their community. When this anime is ready to kick in the comedy, there is no stopping the bursts and fits of laughter as they arrive. However, there are a few episodes that make you tear up, or bring you to the edge of your seat, which is a great strategy to keep you laughing when the comedy starts again.


Kagura is the most popular female character of Gintama, and rightfully so. She wears a China girl dress but she doesn’t take sass from anyone. She’s a tough character who despite not liking violence, solves her problems with violence. She is very unladylike and adds to the humor of the anime immensely. She stars in the Gintama anime and all of it’s movies.


So when it’s time for a laugh, try Gintama as it’s one of the best comedy anime.

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