Jeremy Goldstein Helps New Yorkers Win Their Case

The scene is all too familiar, whether it is some Hollywood blockbuster about buddy cops or daytime television law series, the scene always remains the same. The cops finally have their suspect and are trying to get him to talk when he says the same line every actor before him has said, “I want to speak with my lawyer.” A few cuts later, the suspect is privately conversing with his attorney looking for a way to get out free.


The scene has become commonplace and with it has trivialized the difficulty that some individuals undergo when just trying to find legal representation. Simply finding a lawyer to consult about your unpaid damages for a car accident is difficult enough without the added issue of seeking representation for more pressing matters.


Finally, something has been done about that problem though. The New York State Bar Association’s LRIS program launched a web portal created to combat the difficulty faced by many New Yorkers.


The web portal requires users just answer a few questions before individuals are connected with professionals like Jeremy Goldstein who will help them find legal closure.


The portal which is free to use and connects individuals with legal representatives for free as well found itself the subject of a piece recently published by the writing staff at the Madison County Courier. The piece which tackled the issue that necessitated the creation of the portal also shed some light on the projected benefits New Yorkers will receive every time they use the portal.


The entire piece can be found at the Madison County Courier’s web page, please click here to view the story.


If you need legal representation please contact Jeremy Goldstein, he has built his entire career upon helping clients win their individual cases and providing his community with service.

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