Cotemar’s varied offshore services

Cotemar is Mexican company established in 1979 with headquarters in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. The company started off as Service Company in the field of energy to become one of the leading companies dedicated to providing offshore services to develop oil fields using specialized vessels. Initially, the company began giving catering and accommodation services and specialized vessels then later increased the number of specialized ships to transport materials and staff. By the year 1985, the entity was a high standard floating hotel with more personnel transport vessels.


The company continued to improve its personnel transportation and upgraded its catering and accommodation services. It also widened its operations incorporating establishment of more rigs and specialized vessels. From the year 2012, the company in association with COSCO had constructed more semi-submerged rigs, the Atlantis vessel and specialized vessels that could transport both solids and liquids. In 2016 the entity’s subdivision, Servicios de Extraccion Petrolera lifting de Mexico was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente area contract for taking part in a tender credited to the Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburos.


In its day to day operations, the company upholds values that enable it effectively attain its objectives. Through integrity, the company operates within a legal set up and as per the law. It additionally acts ethical, transparent and consistent with its values. The company also aims to achieve excellence in the services giving a desirable outcome to achieve reliability. Through innovation, Cotemar comes up with fruitful ideas that bring about valuable options for the company. Cotemar is built on teamwork among personnel to achieve respect and positivity in the enterprise. The company is bound responsible to the utilization of resources and also upholding laws and policies set.


The company specializes in offshore oil industry services for instance: Catering and accommodation services in the vessels, the vessels have cabins designed to offer quality offshore housing and catering services while maintaining health standards. These services include housekeeping, food preparation, and laundry services. They also have recreational facilities like the gym, TV rooms, cinema and basketball court for entertainment. Moreover, the company provides specialized services like processing and transporting oils and large structures, designing of transportation and firefight vessels and using dynamic positioning systems to maintain the special vessels. The company also engineers and maintains offshore facilities including oil complexes and rigs. It also designs control operations like the dynamic positioning system that enables movement of the semi-submersible rig.


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