Securus Technologies Makes Advancements in Jail Technology

Securus Technologies is definitely going to change the way that people look at the concept of communicating with inmates. I have found it very interesting to get connected with a company like this that makes video visitation so much easier. Over the years I have discovered that video visitation is something that I can do through my tablet or my smartphone. A lot of people have been utilizing this software from Securus Technologies to stay connected to their family members, and I think that this is the best way to do so without inconveniencing yourself.


I even like the fact that they have other services like jail voicemail and secure messages that allows you to send written messages or pictures. This is great because I do not always have a desire to have a full-blown conversation with someone that I know that is locked away. Sometimes all I may want to do is send a message of encouragement. I do not necessarily need to make a collect call to do this. All that I need is a method that allows me to send a message. Sometimes I use the Securus voicemail feature. At other times I use what they have created called jail voicemail. This is great for me because it allows me to send messages that are short and to the point.


Securus has many opportunities for people to gain a better perspective on how they can stay in contact with their family and friends. I think that this company has definitely made some great strides when it comes to communication, and I think that the prison system is going to benefit from what Securus Technologies has done. This is a company that has made it safer because there is not so much of a need for physical visits.


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