Fabletics Becomes the Trendsetter

Fabletics continues to grow as the need for athletic clothing continues to grow as well. People are excited about Fabletics and the way that this company is giving them more options than they had before. For a long time athletic clothing was stagnant. It did not have many different varieties out there, but Kate Hudson is determined to fix this. She has her mind on bringing forth a lot of athletic clothing that is unique.


She is able to do this because she knows how to delegate responsibility. It is true that she worked behind the scenes with designers on athletic clothing from Fabletics, but she is not the only hand that is in the mix.


Kate Hudson has connected with friends like Demi Lovato to bring forth different designs for a Fabletics. The creators of other companies like JustFab and FabKids are also co-founders to Fabletics, and they also have a say in the design of the clothing. All of this gives Kate Hudson several different perspectives on how the brand can evolve.


So far Kate Hudson and her team have been doing a great job of getting new garments on the Fabletics site every week. People are also getting familiar with the brick-and-mortar stores as more of these locations come into existence. What Kate has found is that she is able to engage in reverse showrooming where people can see a lot of these garments on the website before they go to the stores. They still may have a desire to touch and feel garments that are going to be purchased, but they get a wide spectrum of what is available when they check out the website first.


Kate Hudson has been doing this for over a decade, and she has many benefits of becoming a business leader that is dedicated to her craft. She could have easily wondered away from this and back into acting in full force, but Kate is passionate about Fabletics. She wanted this brand to be able to thrive, and she knew that the best way to do this would be to stay ahead of the curve.


She wanted to be the innovator instead of being a follower. This is what people see when they look at Fabletics. They don’t see Kate Hudson following the latest trends that are out there. By contrast, they see Kate Hudson and her team as the trendsetters.


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