The Good And Bad Of Smart Home Technology According To Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar knows a lot about the real estate market given he’s been a mortgage broker for over 25 years. He says the big trend in the industry nowadays is installing smart home technology. He says there’s good and bad about this technology, information that he enjoys sharing with others.

One of the good things is that smart home technology can make homes more accessible for those with special needs or really anybody. Included among these types of technologies are being able to control your lighting with a simple to use smartphone app. Another benefit is that these types of technology can reduce the chances of dangerous accidents happening, especially for those people facing physical limitations. It also gives these people independence to carry out their own activities which gives people a sense of dignity. You can check out LinkedIn for more.

There are still limits to smart home technology, though, Todd Lubar says. Chief among them is voice recognition software. This still has a lot of difficulty understanding people who have speech impediments as well as those who speak with a foreign accent. The technology is getting better but it’s got a way to go on this front. He says that the designers of tech like the Amazon Echo need to be more aware that not everyone has clear speech. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who established his own mortgage firm, TDL Global Ventures. He has years of experience leading a team of real estate professionals as well as closing mortgages. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and his first job in the mortgage business came at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar says that he advanced his career and became an entrepreneur by working hard and working smart.

He also has experience in other industries, ones he tried his hand at when the real estate market and the global economy collapsed in 2007-2008. He started up a scrap metal recycling company, for example, as well as a nightclub. Outside of his work he enjoys traveling, exercising, and spending as much time as he can with his two young children.

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